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NDC KNUST- wishes Nana Addo a happy Val’s day -NPP nie! Opposition nie!!

The beauty of politics is its competitive nature. However we are not divided not aliens to our mother land. The intellectual wing of of NDC KNUST chapter take reflections and salute, celebrate and wish Nana Addo a Happy Valentine Day for how far he has brought NPP. Today NPP is characterized by Division, Disorganization, chaos and gross leadership failure. They are grateful!

You are special. We strongly believe that you are not co- equal to JDM in terms of personality, leadership qualities and height. However you are unique in your own way. We celebrate you today for the following reasons:

1) Your leadership succeeded in suspending the constitutionally elected National Chairman of which he couldn’t do FOKO.

2) Your leadership successfully suspended NPP’s National General Secretary as well as the 1st vice chair.

3) Your leadership educated the whole country that, In the absence of the General Secretary, the organiser must be made to act at the expense of the Deputy General Secretary.

4) Under your leadership, a controversial bank account was created and operated.

5) Your leadership have recorded the NPP Two consecutive electoral defeat and still counting. Not forgetting your ability to close gaps during bye elections.
We are proud of your leadership Style.

Despite all these achievements, we would like to remind the astute politician Nana Addo and the NPP that:

1. The petition of the suspendees challenging their decision is still pending.

2) No action has so far being taken against John Boadu for the leaked tape.

3) One person is having three positions in the NPP ( the national organiser, acting general secretary and head of operations) too talented.

4) Ghana’s democracy is sustained because NPP is in opposition and that they must not do any thing to come to power since their best position in Ghana politics is OPPOSITION. However,

\ we wish them the best in the year 2016.
We wish Nana Addo happy Val’s Day and good health. NPP nie! Opposition nie!!

All Men Are Brothers!!!

Signed: General Secretary

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