Supply disruptions caused fuel shortages – GOIL

12th April 2023

GOIL has attributed the recent fuel shortage at some of its stations across the country to operational challenges occasioned by supply disruptions.

A statement by GOIL apologised for the inconvenience caused and revealed that over two million litres of fuel have been dispatched to stations experiencing the shortages.

GOIL added that over one million litres will be dispatched today.

“GOIL wishes to acknowledge to the public, especially its valued customers, that there have been shortages of its super XP RON 95 at some of its stations.

“The shortages which were experienced during the Easter holidays were because of operational challenges occasioned by supply disruptions.

“GOIL has meanwhile taken delivery of enough products and has just yesterday, taken adequate steps to dispatch over two million litres to our fuel stations experiencing the shortages. Over two million litres more will be dispatched today.”

GOIL added that it intends to release more stocks to the affected stations in the next two days to augment supplies.

Written by Web Master

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