Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press thank you for honouring our invitation to attend this press conference.

On Wednesday January 6, 2015 at a press briefing in Accra, the NDC General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia demanded the arrest and prosecution of Alhaji Dr.Mahamudu Bawumia,� for allegedly falsifying information about the Togolese voters’ register, as a basis to demand a replacement of Ghana?s electoral roll.

In his words: ?The reason why we are calling for the arrest of Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is that if you falsify public documents with the intentions of deceiving people, our laws should have a way of dealing with you?.

He further continued to state:

?In the Supreme Court they printed fake pink sheets and tendered them in the Supreme Court. All that was done was that the Supreme Court just rejected them. Nothing has happened up to date and then they come to deceive the Electoral Commission, again, by printing a fake Togolese register, put people’s pictures on the register and presented them as Togolese and presented some documentation, writing French on those things claiming it is Togolese register?.

We wish to state categorically, here and now that Asiedu Nketiahs comments and utterances are reprehensible, is devoid of maturity,� and given the office he holds, lacks the respect and dignity of the people of Ghana.

�Asiedu Nketiah has proven time and again that he is nothing more than the JOKER in the pack, of� an NDC House of Cards that is falling apart and has lost the ability to lead Ghana

Leading Ghana however is NO JOKING MATTER, and it is therefore important in THIS election year, when tensions are high, and misplaced utterances can set Ghana on a different path altogether, that we – The United Zongo for Bawumia, set the records straight.

Now it’s instructive to note that the Electoral Commission, by its own admission has NOT� sighted a copy of the Togolese Electoral Roll, but have come out to UNCONVINCINGLY tell Ghanaians that the evidence presented by Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia was unconvincing.

On what basis is Charlotte Osei saying that the evidence presented by Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia is “unconvincing”?

In fact this very morning (7th January)� an opposition leader in Togo� spoke live on Peace Fm , and CONFIRMED that indeed the details of the 76,000 Togolese CITIZEN’S captured on the evidence presented by Alhaji to the EC was accurate.

In fact we recall how on August 20th 2015 a group of NDC activists engaged the media to communicate how they had been financially resourced by the leadership of the NDC, led by its General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia to ILLEGALLY recruit over 10,000 Togolese CITIZEN’S to register on the Ghana electoral roll in 2012.

The leader of the group, Robert Tetteyfio Adjase, accompanied by other leaders of the group, including its Hohoe chairman, Harker Brempong; Ketu South chairman, Doe Gadekah; Public Relations Officer (PRO), Robert Kabutey and Victor Bogah, stated categorically that the current register is riddled with names of Togolese from Aflao to Nkwanta in the northern Volta and that the over 76,000 Togolese found on the Ghanaian register was just an insignificant number, compared to what really is the case. Their main concern was the fact that the NDC was kicking against the call for an entirely new voters? register to be used for the conduct of the 2016 general elections.

This, Adjase said, was because – and I quote him -� ?The NDC and its leadership know that when a new voters? register is compiled they will lose the 2016 general elections because in the Volta Region, when it?s time for registration, a lot of big men come and then we cross over to the other side of the border, bring in some Togolese, explain to them what we want them to do and then we give them motorbikes, a lot of things, promises, especially this health insurance thing.?

Even though the ruling NDC had rubbished the claims and jumped to the defence of the Electoral Commission, Adjase noted that and I quote him –

�?it is true? and that ?whatever it (NPP) found out about the voters? register is true? because ?we brought people from Togo to come and register; the same people have Ghana?s voter ID cards and Togo ID cards.?

�According to Adjase, because Togolese did not enjoy services like the health insurance, they (he and his colleagues) used to assist those Togolese to secure Ghana?s National Health Insurance Scheme (NHS) cards which enabled them to register when the voters? registration exercise was open, to enable them come and vote on election day.

We understand that last year given the explosive nature of the revelations by Robert� Tetteyfio Adjase he and his colleagues were interviewed by the BNI.

Electoral fraud is of course a crime.

To date we have not heard ONE SENTENCE from the BNI about their interrogation of Mr. Adjase and his colleagues. They revealed OPENLY AND IN PUBLIC that the leadership of the NDC financially resourced them.

Yet we see Johnson Asiedu Nketiah walking free. Why has he not been questioned?

Why has He not been arrested?

The revelations by Adjase and his colleagues clearly affect national security yet the institutions that protect our State – in this case the BNI are sitting idle.

On this note we wish to inform the BNI and the POLICE and the MILITARY that they swore an oath of allegiance to the NATION.� STATE OF GHANA and not any particular Government.

The ‘State’ does NOT change, but Governments do.

So we urge the security services to exercise the authority that the State has invested in them and, in light of the� revelations of Adjase and his colleagues about how the NDC party financed the illegal registration of Togolese CITIZEN’S – proceed forthwith to ARREST JOHNSON ASIEDU NKETIAH.

The evidence that Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia presented to the Electoral Commission last year also made reference to the FOUR MILLION names of persons who had registered on Ghana’s electoral roll with the use of the National Health Insurance Scheme cards (NHIS) .which the Supreme Court had now ruled was an illegal document to be used in registering persons as non-citizens could legally apply to register for this card.

What has the EC done to recall the FOUR MILLION persons on its database who registered with this document so that they could Re-register, using documentation that was valid?

Or is Asiedu Nketiah also saying that the Supreme Court Judges should also be arrested for falsifying documentation?

In Ghana we have The Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) – formed in 2000, under the initiative of the Center for Democratic Development, CDD-Ghana, as a network of various civil society groups to observe the 2000 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. CODEO has since grown to become the largest independent and non-partisan domestic election observation coalition in Ghana dedicated to the promotion of free, fair and transparent elections in Ghana.

They are given access to the Electoral Roll just as are other election observers (CODEOS Counterparts) in Togo.

Why hasn’t the EC� contacted the various election observers in Togo for a copy of the Togolese Electoral Roll and then compare it to the EVIDENCE that Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia presented to them way back last year.

Again EVIDENCE was presented by Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to show that a large number of the 76,000 names of Togolese CITIZENS were captured using stale photographs.

Now HOW AND WHY could this happen?

During the biometric registration process, voters were expected to have their photographs taken during the registration and yet the NPP?s team, as Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia revealed,� showed� that the images of some voters were photographs taken of PHOTOGRAPHS!

These were pictures clipped to documents and shot for purposes of registration.

It was found that most of the pictures were scanned pictures into the register, if you take a digital picture, you cannot staple it but clearly most of the pictures were stapled.

The integrity of the Electoral� Commission is clearly suspect and has been undermined.

For ONLY an EC official would have access to the password that would allow for its database and records of voters�� to be altered.

Interestingly, the way and manner in which the NDC Party constantly jumps to the defence of the EC is making the whole Nation wonder as to what kind of relationship the EC Commissioner Charlotte Osei has with the NDC Party?

Clearly the EVIDENCE provided by Alahji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to the EC retains all of its integrity� given that NDC� party members such as Robert Tetteyfio� Adjase have independently come out to confirm the same as has the Togolese opposition leader who on Peace Fm this morning CONFIRMED the accuracy of Alhaji Dr. Mahmudu’s EVIDENCE detaling the 76,000 Togolese CITIZENS on Ghana’s electoral register.

Lastly, our Leaders MUST understand that POWER does NOT last forever.

Today Laurent Gbagbo the former Preisdent of Ivory Coast is languishing in a remand cell in the Hague, Netherlands , his wife�� – the former First Lady is currently serving a TWENTY YEAR JAIL TERM for Crimes Against Humanity.

Karim Wade the son of Senegals former President , Abdoulaye Wade, is serving a SIX YEAR JAIL SENTENCE for fraud and corruption during his tenure as a Government Minister.

We like all Ghanaians wish for a peaceful election in 2016.

We are confident that if the EC and its Commissioner, Charlotte Osei,� put the interests of the NATION first and NOT that of any political party , by ENSURING that the anomalies of the 2016 electoral register are corrected we will all emerge from the November 2016 elections more UNITED and more PEACEFUL.








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