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I still cannot understand why the Nana Addo described the perfect submission by the President at Agona Nkwanta as insults directed at his person.Nana is free to continue his anti-transformation chest thumping that’s his cup of tea attempts to sow doubt about the President’s capabilities has failed and will forever fail.So far he has failed to mount a significant challenge Mahama’s #Changinglives,TransformingGhana # agenda leaving him in the confused state he finds himself.

It is always dangerous dealing with people who may be intelligent without depth,shrewd without vision, jocular without humour.People whose friends don’t like him and courageously describe them as cold and pompous.We heard Kennedy Agyepong openly insult every soul in the Npp including the flagbearer,we heard him call on Akans to wipe off Gas and Ewes from Ghana and heard Osafo Marfo one personality I hitherto admired so much,declare citizens from some particular regions unfit to occupy the executive seat.Nana did not find these inhuman and obnoxious outbursts as insulting,didn’t find it expedient bringing these henchmen to order.We heard Ursula who is a spiritual confidant of Nana painfully say on public platform that had it not been free education,many of our northern appointees would have been managers of cows not human beings.This was how far people who are very close to him went.Antwi another close associate courageously referred to Fantes as “fickle minded” fit only for concert shows.

The President we know is a gentleman,his humour and perfect manners always disarm his critics and taps down all attempts to portray him negative to the general public.

Nana Addo usual of him and his cohorts,downplayed all the achievements of the President in the Western Region telling the President rhetorically that he did not see the projects the Chiefs themselves thank the President for.His apostles in their state of Akuffolic hallucination,also started posting pictures of supporters of PDP (Nigeria) on social media platform in an attempt to create fake impression that the President was snubbed by the people of Agona Nkwanta.The irony is that Nana used the newly constructed (Asphalted) road from Agona Nkwanta to Elubo,he saw the modern bridges being constructed on the road so why the mischief.

Nana and his operatives cannot tell me they do not hear the praises the Chiefs and opinion leaders shower on the President for the numerous projects in the region.His own friend and one chief known for his critique of the region the Omanhene of Essikadu few days ago commended the President for the beautiful and strategic roads in the region,the development in the onshore sector,and the railways under construction.The Acting President of Sekondi Traditional Area during the President’s courtesy call,describe the NDC under President Mahama as a “Unity Club” all because of the numerous projects in the region,and the benefits the people enjoy from these projects.The Chief of Dixcove mentioned projects in the region and openly declared his support for the sitting President.

The President did not insult Nana as he mischievously posted on his wall and carried by some portals.Nana knows Mahama well even than some who are close to the President,his tolerance level and constant display of good manners these were the traits Nana considered when he once predicted Mahama’s leadership although he went on further to question why a perfect human being like Mahama should be in the NDC.

The President said “ebinom de3 wo mo se wcn nhu akwan a yay3 no,ebia wc fa so no na wcn ada” This is the most appropriate way to describe people who use these same smooth roads yet pretend to be driving on potholed roads.It is rather insulting,mischievous and unethical to incite the public against an opponent using lies,and mischievous materials that is more hurting and highly immoral.The Flagbearer should campaign on his strength than this latest move of seeking for public sympathy over nothing.

What do you think?

I am still a human rights activist – Oye Lithur

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