Presidency not retirement package – NPP Dan Botwe

🗣Presidency not retirement package – NPP Dan Botwe

Mr Daniel Kwaku Botwe, an aspiring flag bearer of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) on Sunday declared, “The post of a Chief Executive Officer of Ghana, the Presidency should not be considered as a retirement package”.

“The job is four years and possible eight years continuous strenuous labour, which demands dynamisms, vigour, resilience and the tenacity to endure. This is not a place for the aged. Their place is the Council of State,” Mr Botwe stated in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

“It’s not an end of service package for successful service to the nation. Ghana deserves the services of an energetic and hard working personality to continue the transformation and maximize the economic gains for the benefit of the citizens,” he said.

“To rule a country requires a dynamic organisational structure, good communication network and a high degree of meticulousness for a Third World country to standout among the community of nations” Mr Botwe stated.

“I am endowed with potentials capable of leading the NPP to victory,” he said and urged delegates to the December 22, Special National Delegates Congress of the NPP to elect him as the flag bearer of the party for Elections 2008.

Mr Botwe reminded the delegates that the destiny of the party and Ghana was in their hand and said “You are under obligation to elect a flag bearer for the NPP and President for Ghana. You must therefore maintain your focus in the face of wooing antics by most of the aspirants to attract you attention and votes. Choose a leader who can broaden our party’s support base and win Elections 2008”.

The NPP former General Secretary also advised the National, Regional, Constituency Executives as well as polling station chairmen to continue to nurture the bond of unity that had made the party a unique political organisation to forestall internal bickering that could destroy and distract it from its goals.

He said, “I have been there before. Processes leading to congress are stressful moments, but as commanders of our great party you need to keep your focus, as posterity will never forgive you if you fail to organize a free, fair and transparent congress, we have a tradition to defend, the Danquah/Busia philosophy.”

Mr Botwe who was also a former Minister of Information said if he were given the nod to lead the party, he would put premium on the training of polling agents, ward chairmen and other identifiable executives on the dynamics of modern politicking and the electoral systems.

Mr Botwe identified rumour mongering was a major drawback to the party’s progress describing it as “a cancerous growing deep into its rank and file”.

He appealed to party activists to feel free to come out with their grievances and be prepared to engage in dialogue to enable the party to grow in unity.

Mr Botwe assured NPP executives that if he were made the flag bearer he would continue to work assiduously with them as a team, marshal all resources and logistics to ensure effective organisation. He noted that he was the most popular and dynamic of the presidential aspirants.

“My experience in politics especially gained since the 2000 elections, has adequately equipped and exposed me to design the necessary strategies to enable the party to win the next general elections, I have done it before and I will do it again,” he said. “Dan Botwe is already a market brand in Ghanaian politics my previous position as General Secretary afforded me the opportunity to tour the length and breadth of this country to interact directly with the people from all walks of life”.

He called on the members to vote for him as their presidential candidate to promote unity among the people of Ghana regardless of ethnic origin, religion, position, gender, occupation; status in society or political affiliation.

“I will bring together like minded citizens of the country so that they will strive for Freedom and Justice by the appreciation and protection of human rights and the Rule of Law through the practice of true democracy.

“To build in this country a free and democratic system of government under which all citizens will be able to contribute to the welfare, peace and prosperity of our nation and keep its people free from dictatorship and oppression.

“To harness to the full the human and natural resources of the country and ensure development of all Regions and Districts of the country without discrimination, these are my humble commitment,” Mr Botwe stated.

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