• The NPP plans to conceal presidential ballot papers in their sleeves or in the battery compartments of their mobile phones and drop them in the ballot boxes on voting day to create over-voting leading to annulment of votes. The Volta Region will be a target and other NDC strongholds.

• Some Polling Assistants in-charge of issuing ballot papers who are NPP sympathizers would be recruited to issue multiple ballot papers to known NPP sympathizers or activists to be dropped into the ballot box, leading to over-voting and subsequent annulment.

• The NPP will embark on house-to-house campaign under the pretext of canvassing for votes where unsuspecting registered voters would be tricked into surrendering their voter ID cards. Such ID cards would be returned to their owners after they had been doctored. This information will not match with their polling station details.

• NPP supporters will disguise themselves and wear NDC branded ‘T’-shirts with President John Dramani MAHAMA’s photograph embossed on them and with the inscription, “Youth First Association for MAHAMA” to create chaos in the name of NDC.

• The NPP plans to kidnap Ghanaians to create insecurity among the populace to the effect that the security of Ghanaians cannot be guaranteed under President John MAHAMA.

• NPP supporters will disguise themselves as National Democratic Congress [NDC] supporters and instigate fight and confusion at polling stations then lodge official complaint to the police who will move in to effect arrest of such people.

• The NPP will burn old vehicle tyres on election day across the country to create fear and panic among the electorate.

• Some members of the NPP will again disguise themselves to attack and beat NPP polling agents with the connivance of some electoral officers. Ballot boxes will then be snatched and swapped with already thumb-printed ballot papers.

• The NPP will threaten the electorate through telephone calls into radio stations and other social media platforms thereby instilling fear in the people.

• The NPP will raise false alarm about the elections through the media to create tension. This will include firing of gunshots and other negative propaganda about the elections.

• Dead persons or bodies in NPP branded Lacoste ‘T’shirts or NPP polling agent tags will be hung on dead bodies deposited on the streets to draw attention of Ghanaians, the international community and election observers on what the NDC is allegedly up to.

• NPP activists who will be using motorbikes will be firing gunshots indiscriminately and the NPP will allege that government is using the National Security apparatus to intimidate supporters of the NPP.

• The NPP will issue a statement purporting to be from the GHANA government, warning Ghanaians resident in TOGO not to enter GHANA with the intention of participation in the elections.

• About two [2] days to the December 7, 2016 general elections, NPP activists will be deployed to AFLAO in buses and at vantage points on the ACCRA – AFLAO roads. Some members of the group would be clothed in military/police uniforms and together with their collaborators in the GHANA security forces will stage-manage /intercept and arrest them. As part of the stage-managed arrest, the NPP activists will confess to the would-be security personnel that, they are Togolese who have been recruited by the NDC to come and vote in GHANA. This will re-affirm Dr. Mahamudu BAWUMIA’s claim that there are over seventy-six thousand (76,000) Togolese on the Ghanaian voter register.

• The NPP will have ballot boxes with already thumb-printed ballot papers for President John Dramani MAHAMA and the NDC in vans where pro-NPP media houses will uncover as part of the grand agenda to accuse the Electoral Commission and the NDC of planning to rig this year’s general elections.

• Pro-NPP media houses will report that the European Union and the African Union observers believe that the 2016 general elections are not free and fair and the Electoral Commission and the MAHAMA-led administration will be condemned.

• Reports of irregularities of GHANA’s elections among others will be reported in the international media to discredit the outcome of the elections.

• The NPP will engage the services of NPP activists who will pose as NDC supporters and supply food to Electoral Officers on duty and they (NPP) will turn round to accuse the Electoral Commission (EC) of working together with the NDC to rig the elections.

• There will be gunshots by the NPP along the GHANA – TOGO border to scare Ghanaian voters especially those from TOGO and other countries.

• The NPP will clothe some of their supporters in military uniforms who will pose as army officers and intimidate people in NDC strongholds including ZONGOs in GREATER ACCRA and CENTRAL Regions.

• After the polls on December 7, 2016, pro-NPP media houses/jounalists will announce the results of polling stations/constituencies where NPP won and quickly warn the EC not to overturn the results in favour of the NDC as they allegedly did in 2012.

• The NPP will secure fake and already thumb-printed ballot papers, thumb-printed in the name of the NDC and scatter them all over to portray to Ghanaians that the NDC had brought in already thumb printed ballot papers to rig the elections.

• Names of alleged NPP supporters will be declared missing on voting day, whereupon the NPP will accuse the NDC of kidnapping such people or killing them.

• The NPP has recruited “machomen” who will engage in the destruction and burning of electoral materials, EC equipment as well as snatching of ballot boxes in the NDC strongholds.

• The NPP is in the process of buying discarded and old fuel tanks with the intention of filling them with petrol and setting them ablaze. Some of these tanks are likely to explode and set ablaze houses, shops etc.

• The NPP during their ‘Retail’ and ‘Door-to-Door’ campaigns will show voters booklets containing photographs of mansions, filling stations, among others, purporting to belong to some key functionaries/government appointees of the NDC and portray them as corrupt politicians who have amassed wealth and should be voted out of office.

• The NPP has plans to swap the stamp pad ink to be used in NDC dominated areas with a fake one which would last for just three hours after which it would self-erase, thereby rendering all those votes irrelevant and inconsequential.

• The NPP is urging its supporters to vote very early on election day because they plan to disrupt the voting process after 1200 hours in areas believed to be NDC strongholds.

• They intend to use pepper spray to disperse polling agents in order to have their way to cause mayhem snatch/swap ballot boxes and destroy voting material at selected places.

• The NPP is training its militants to try and create so much trouble and confusion at the polling stations and collation centres and be the first to report same to the international observer groups and international press houses. They claim that some local print and electronic media houses sympathetic to their cause are standing by to trumpet same aloud across the world so as to give them unfair sympathy.

• Guns, pepper spray, “shocker” and other weapons are being distributed to militants and machomen with which to try and disrupt the elections. Their leaders are telling them to fight the police and the security officers to ensure an NPP victory.

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