It’s irritating when employees watch films, WhatsApp at work

A former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) has said that it is annoying when employees watch films and exchange unofficial messages during working hours.

Prof. Stephen Adei said this lackadaisical attitude by some Ghanaian workers especially those in the public sector must be addressed immediately.
Speaking on Kumasi-based Ultimate FM, he said the managers and leaders of such companies where the staff engage in these activities must be blamed.

“You don’t need a budget to clean your environment or paint your offices, because the amount of money required is so small and that there is no office which does not have money to paint it. You don’t need money to make sure that people come to work on time or they are punctual. These days you go to an office, and they have a television at the reception and people will be watching, I get so angry, people are watching these South African films translated into English and other things, those ones are definitely marks of incompetence and the leaders or managers must be held accountable. If you are Christian read your Bible before you come to work.”

He said these actions reduce productivity which in turn affects the country’s economy negatively.

He said this situation happened more in the public sector than the private sector.
He said people must be held accountable for their negative attitude. He was of the view that things will change for the better if workers are held responsible for their actions

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