EC to publish names of deleted persons in dailies

The Electoral Commission (EC) is expected to publish the names of over 56000 National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card registrants after it deleted their names from the electoral roll in compliance with the Supreme Court’s order.

The EC disclosed at an Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting on Tuesday July 12 that it had carried out the directive from the apex court by “removing all the biometric data” of the 56,772 NHIS registrants from the electoral roll.

The commission says it will publish the names in the Daily Graphic and at district EC offices across the country by close of week.

This is to offer the affected persons the opportunity to reregister.

Speaking on Class FM’s current affairs programme Inside Politics on Tuesday July 12, NPP’s acting General Secretary, John Boadu said: “The Electoral Commission said they had deleted the over 56000 names from the voter roll. They are going to publish the list of the names of people who registered with the NHIS card in one of the major dailies. They will also paste the names at the district offices of the Electoral Commission and again paste the names at the district assembly…and by 28th July… people who are affected and qualify under our laws will have the chance to register once again.”

The court on 5 May, 2015, ordered the EC to delete the names of ‘NHIS voters’ from the register as well as those of the deceased and minors as part of processes to clean the register.

It followed a suit by plaintiff Abu Ramadan and Evans Nimako at the Supreme Court over the credibility of the 2012 register of voters.


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