Major reforms in an election year could lead to chaos – John Mahama

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, has voiced his concerns about the Electoral Commission’s proposal to move the voting date from December to November.

In Mahama’s view, the new proposals have the potential to raise doubts about the integrity of the elections.

The Electoral Commission has suggested moving the voting date from December 7 to November 7 and has also indicated its intention not to use indelible ink for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

The NDC has rejected these proposals, urging the EC to postpone the date change to 2028.

According to Mr. Mahama, the proposed changes could lead to chaos if not executed effectively, questioning why the EC waited until a mere eight months before the polls to propose such significant reforms.

Speaking at a breakfast meeting with the Clergy and Faith-based organizations in the Eastern Regional Capital, Koforidua, Mr. Mahama urged the Electoral Commission to consider the concerns raised seriously and cautioned against springing surprises on political parties.

He emphasized the need for transparency and careful consideration in implementing any reforms to maintain the credibility of the electoral process.

“After every election, we sit and consider electoral reforms and we agree on what to do. Since 2020, we have only 9 months to another election and the EC has now come with major changes. No indelible ink and different reforms. When you do that it doesn’t build the confidence of the people in the electoral process.

“We have returned to IPAC after the Peace Council intervened and now they [EC] are saying they want to change the Election date and that they want to bring a new CI to change the old CI but our concern is why wait till now? You don’t spring surprises on people, what if it doesn’t work and it leads to some disturbances…so that is our position.”

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