It has been a regular practice and deed as observed from afar, the bias behavioral practice of the Ghana Bar Association towards its members.

Recent happenings in our dear country Ghana leaves signals of fear and intimidation. Some institutions has placed the Ghanaian citizenry in fear, that we can no longer freely comment or speak our minds and thoughts on matters concerning them.

The Parliament of Ghana is one institution to mention and the Ghana Bar Association is another; to mention a few.
The President of the Ghana Bar Association has been well and alive in this country when a member of Parliament called for all Gas and Ewes to be killed and declared war, the GBA president was around when its own member, the chairman of the Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei (who is a reputable lawyer and also a member of the Ghana Bar Association) was insulted and threatened by this same Parliamentarian. So why is he being overlooked and allowed to go on this this tangent but the Bar President is quick to call on the police to arrest panelists of an Accra based FM station (Muntie FM) who made such equally unacceptable statements?

Parliament is quick to summon Ghanaians to its privileges committee in the least comment one makes about them, example is the case of Black Rasta (a DJ radio presenter). But interestingly we have had a parliamentarian who made comments on public radio that Gas and Ewes should be killed, and went ahead to declare war, and repeatedly declared war. It has been years past, but Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has never been brought to the privileges committee for questioning or punishment. He walks inn and out of Parliament freely, and receives his monthly benefits. Does this way of behavior indicates that if you are a member of certain institution, you can make damming and dangerous utterances and walk free?..

I leave this few words to the thoughts of all well meaning Ghanaians.
God bless our homeland Ghana.

Clifford Adjei

What do you think?

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