Akufo-Addo running from debate because he has no message – Apaak

Presidential staffer, Dr. Clement Apaak has slammed the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) over its decision to “chicken out” from debating President Mahama after the latter threw the challenge.

Dr. Apaak said it is very sad and unfortunate that the NPP which has always touted itself as the bastion as democracy of the rule law, more knowledgeable in all aspects of our democracy system will begin to chicken out.

The parliamentary candidate on the ticket for the NDC in Builsa South constituency explained that in any modern democracy, the top contenders seeking to lead the people of that democracy engage in debates, and therefore the president’s call is justified, it has a basis, it is contextual and it stands.

Dr. Clement Apaak said, ‘’If the NPP truly believes that it has an alternative to improving the lives of the good people of Ghana, to transforming their lives’, if it believes that it has the capacity and the policies for the men and women as they tout, to be able to do better than what President Mahama and the NDC have done, which is there to prove; it is only in the interest of the NPP and its flag bearer to accept the challenge.’’

Speaking in an interview with Kwame Tutu, host of Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he said, the NPP has refused to debate President Mahama simply because the NPP has no record.

‘’If we go back to when NPP was in power, before they left; the fact that they cannot even account for the funding of the re-denomination; the fact that they didn’t even add one hospital to any of the regions; the fact they didn’t add one secondary school; the fact that they didn’t invest in infrastructure; the fact that they did nothing about the power crisis; it is clear. This is what we want them to come debate about. They have no message,” and that is why they have refused to debate President Mahama.

Dr. Apaak further chided the NPP over its record in the area of job creation and touted the achievements of President Mahama, through the Youth Employment Authority (YEA) among other initiatives.

He however, accepted that there are a number of challenges and the NDC has shown enough commitment in resolving them. President Mahama he stressed, has shown clearly that he is competent, credible and if Nana Addo has declined to debate the Commander In Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, it will go against him [Nana Addo].

He further advised the advisers of Nana Addo to allow him debate President Mahama since it will benefit him, and also allow him to outline his so-called policy alternatives.


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