EC has started using new logo although its yet to officially launch it

The Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) had begun using its new ‘controversial’, ‘alien’, ‘crazy’, and ‘demonic’ new logo although it yet to officially outdoor the logo. The opposition parties have mocked the new logo with the NPP describing it as a ”demonic and occultic”.

Some media practitioners who attended a recent workshop by the EC where the logo was introduced said it was not necessary for the EC to change the logo and admonished them to maintain the old one.
A brands and IT expert Scofery Nana Yaw who spoke to Nyankonton Mu Nsem raised serious concerns about the logo because its not Ghanaian and does not represent the symbols of the country.

He described it as alien and lambasted the EC for failing to consult its stakeholders before changing its logo. The new logo, expected to be launched soon is part of a re-branding campaign of the EC ahead of the November polls.

However, the electioneering body has begun using the logo even before its official launch. Posters announcing the 2016 limited registration exercise slated for 28th April to May 8th, has the new logo embed on it. EC’s new logo:

The new EC’s logo is made up of eight arrow shapes all pointing to a central point. At the bottom of each shape is a colored dot.

There are two red dots, two yellow dots, two green dots and two white dots and all of this is placed on a navy blue background with the words Electoral Commission Ghana written in capitals.

By-Rainbow radio

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