Akufo-Addo will ‘heal’ Ghana’s ailing economy – Karbo

former youth organizer of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Anthony Abeyifa Karbo, has called on Ghanaians to ignore the NDC campaign message that that Nana Addo, the flagbearer of the party is old and cannot run the affairs of the country. “Nana Addo still has the qualities and brain to make Ghana work again”, he said.

Referring the NDC to Liberia, South Africa, Nigeria and Cote D’Iviore, where voters turned to presidential candidates in their early 70s to rescue their country from economic mess, Anthony Karbo said Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, fortunately, finds himself in that class of ‘aged paddies’ with brilliant ideas to ‘heal’ the country’s ailing economy.

Addressing a New Patriotic Party (NPP) rally in Tema West recently, Anthony Karbo said: “When Liberia was bleeding after their years of civil war, they turned to Johnson Sirleaf, who was in her 70s, and today, that country is writing good economic scripts.

“When South Africa was wailing for a saviour, a certain ex-convict, the late Nelson Mandela was looked for and when he became president, we are all witnesses to the fortunes Mandela, in his 70s, brought to his country.

“Cote D’Ivior and Nigeria also have presidents, who in their 70s, are cleaning the mess in their countries and putting their economies on the path of stability.

“Don’t let anybody deceive you that Ghana cannot go the way of those countries…Nana Addo still has the qualities and brain to make Ghana work again.”

He said the presidency is not a funfair or beauty contest, “and for a president to be seeing the presidency as a funfair, all we need to tell that president is to start packing out from the office.”

Abeyifa Karbo said the presidency has become too hot for President Mahama and his government to see the economic mess and quagmire they have plunged the country into.

Their state of confusion had misled the NDC to turn their focus on Nana Addo’s age – “but we in the NPP can assure them that that political agenda will not wash. Ghanaians will parry that age politics and vote Nana Addo for a change when Ghana goes to the polls this year.”

With Dr. Bawumia being a core member of the next NPP government, Anthony Karbo told the large NPP gathering, drawn from all the three Tema Constituencies, to turn deaf ears to the ‘age politics’ the NDC have resorted to on any political platform available to them.

The issue, he told the supporters, is about bread and butter and better economic policies that will alleviate the scorching Mahama-led government economy where taxes upon taxes have become their ‘ringing tone ID’.

“Taxing Ghanaians and businesses provides a fillip to the NDC yet they turnaround to deceive Ghanaians that they are a caring government, he noted.

“The kitchen is too hot for Mahama and his NDC so we are showing them the exit for Nana Addo and his team of competent government to put this potholed and leaking economy back on good growth,” Anthony Abeyifa Karbo said.


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