Socrate Safo says he is yet to see a gospel musician who is spirit-filled

Making a submission on the state of gospel music in Ghana on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, Saturday, the ‘Hot Fork’ producer said all Ghanaian gospel musicians are in the industry for commercial purposes.

Socrate contended that, a spirit-filled gospel artiste should not in any way sell the gospel but give it out free of charge.

“I’m yet to see a spirit-filled, God directed gospel artiste in Ghana. All I see are commercial businessmen who are plying their trade using the Word of God. They are pure commercial artistes. The gospel is free, you don’t charge. You are selling it and that means whoever doesn’t have money, cannot get a copy. The moment you decide to negotiate for a fee, then you’re doing commercial business. They are all in for commercial benefits,” he noted.

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Confronted with the question of how musicians can pay for studio bills should they give out CDs for free, Socrate Safo said people who are touched by the message can bless the artiste whose work they listened to.

He stressed that although he has worked with many gospel musicians, he never took a pesewa from any of them because he was helping to propagate the gospel.

When host, Akwasi Aboagye asked why Erico sold CDs at the time he was working with the artiste, Socrate said the artiste chose to sell them. He however mentioned that he never advised him to sell the CDs, neither did he advise him not to.


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