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Sly Collins Celebrates Birthday With New Song

One of Ghana’s best highlife musicians, Obiba Sly Collins, marked his birthday today with his latest song, “Let’s Come Together,” which encourages African solidarity.

Sly Collins, whose age is not immediately known, received a lot of congratulatory messages today  from both his followers and players in the entertainment business.

“Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Many thanks for brightening my day. Above all, I give God praise for getting me this far,” he said.

“Let’s Come Together” was written to encourage Africans to come together as a team to work toward the development of the continent and to preach peace and harmony among Africans.

The song’s instrumentalists included guitarist Odikro, bassist Dan Grahl, and horn player Owura. It was created by Obiba and Abochi.

Obiba Sly Collins’ latest song, which is available on a variety of download channels and social media,is ready to raise the bar for Ghanaian highlife music as it gains international acclaim.

“My mission is to use music to preach peace and unity among the people in the society. I have been a patriotic musician for the past fourdecades, using music as a tool to preach peace and unity among the people,” he told BEATWAVES.

Sly Collins, who is ready to transform the highlife music industry in Ghana with his style of music fused with traditional rhythms and beats, is hopeful that “Let’s Come Together” would touch the hearts of many across the continent.

He is credited with a number of albums which include“Don’t Forget Your Culture”, “YeboaGhana”, “Odo Fantastic”,“Voice of Reason”,“Total Unity”among others.

Sly Collins, who has been in the music industry for over four decades,thanked music industry stakeholders for supporting him throughout his music career.

He also expressed gratitude to his colleagues and the media who have contributed towards the success of his career.

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