What Is It In The NPP That Makes Its Leaders So Disloyal? – Kwesi Pratt Jnr

Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper Kwesi Pratt Jnr, has said the opposition New Patriotic Party [NPP] aim to win the 2016 election is questionable due to unfaithfulness within the party’s top hierarchy.

According to him, some NPP party bigwigs are not faithful to the ‘Elephant’ fraternity – hence, leak vital information within the party to their political opponents to be used against them.

His comments comes on the heels of accusations of “stealing ideas” from their yet-to-be-outdoored manifesto levelled against the ruling government by the opposition NPP.

“I read the NPP manifesto is under heavy protection from leakage. So in spite of treating it as a secret document, a document of the ‘mafiaso’ and it still leaks, then there are very serious problems in the NPP. It raises issues about who to trust in the NPP” he said

Speaking on Radio Gold’s ‘Alhaji & Alhaji’ – the veteran journalist noted that leakages of information has always been an issue in the NPP party over the years.

“We are told there were major leaks in the NPP and whatever the party did was leaked. There was no longer secrets in the party. We were told topnotch meetings were recorded and played. I was told at one particular meeting people outside the party were listening to all that was going on live. So what is it in the NPP that makes its member entrusted with keeping secrets fail to keep them?

“So what is it in the party that makes people to be so disloyal to the party? That is something they ought to be thinking about as a party.

Their leaders are so disloyal to the party. And indeed if you have a party that the leaders are so disloyal, then what is the fate of that party? How can that party hope to win elections such as the one we are confronted with today?” He added

Mr. Pratt however questioned that – “If Mr. Paul Akofo [suspended chairman], Mr. Kwabena Agyapong [suspended general secretary], and Mr. Sammy Crabbe [suspended first vice chairman] who were accused of leaking information are now out, who then in the party is leaking their information out?”


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