NPP: Ghana’s Most Disgraceful & Destructive Political Party!!!

Blessed new week to you ladies and gentlemen, as well as my brothers and sisters.

I hope the weekend treated you well after the hailstorm of lies that the elephants unleashed on us last week in their continued attempt to mislead the nation into believing that the Electoral Commission (EC) is plotting to rig the elections in favour of the NDC.

On behalf of the majority of well-meaning and right-thinking Ghanaians, I welcome you under the shady Umbrella as I rest my feet on the funny torso of the very DESTRUCTIVE elephant to once again give you good reasons why we must stop at nothing to push them deeper into the bush come December 07, 2016.

Did you know that the elephant is the most DESTRUCTIVE Mammal on earth?

Yes; the elephant is the most DESTRUCTIVE Mammal on earth.

It is therefore not surprising that certain human beings in Ghana who have decided to think like elephants, are busy doing everything possible within the realms of their animalistic world, to destroy Mother Ghana with their banal lies and deeds.

As has always been their stock-in-trade; last week, the elephants LIED to the nation that they knew nothing about the intention of the EC to adopt Electronic Transmission (E-Transmission) of votes to enhance our electoral process.

Led by the confused and shabby-thinking National Campaign Manager, Peter Mac Manu (who has lost all his credibility because he lies too much), the NPP told a BIG FAT LIE.

This time however, the General of Ghana’s politics; General Mosquito; acted with alacrity and exposed the lies of Peter Mac Manu and the DESTRUCTIVE NPP.

General Mosquito held a very solid Press Conference at the NDC’s Adabraka Headquarters and diligently gave concrete evidence that exposed Peter Mac Manu and the NPP as a bunch of EVIL LIARS who are hell-bent on setting this country ablaze as it has become very obvious to them that there is no way Akuffo-Addo can beat President John Dramani Mahama at the polls.

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, as we say in Ghanaian parlance; “book no lie”!

FullSizeRenderGeneral Mosquito has proven to the whole country and the whole world (providing lots of documentary evidence to support his facts) that it is the NPP that came up with the whole concept of E-Transmission; and that it is NOT the EC that imposed the concept on the political parties.

In other words; the concept of E-Transmission of votes is the brainchild of the NPP yet they wanted to mislead the nation into believing that it is the EC that is smuggling some strange animal into the electoral process to eat up the elephants.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my brothers and sisters; what “koraa” have we done wrong as a nation to deserve such a very DISGRACEFUL AND DESTRUCTIVE OPPOSITION POLITICAL PARTY?”

Is it not the fault of Akuffo-Addo that the NPP has very sharp divisions (Ashanti & Akyem factions), and cannot close their ranks and so are not appealing to the electorate?

Is it not the fault of Akuffo-Addo that the likes of, Paul Afoko, Kwabena Agyepong, Sammy Crabbe, Nyaho Tamakloe, have been chased out of the NPP?

Is it not the fault of Akuffo-Addo that the NPP’s constitution has been usurped and gross lawlessness now reigns supreme within the elephant colony?

Is it not Akuffo-Addo who has introduced a tyrannical Reign of Terror into the NPP?

Ladies and Gentlemen, my brothers and sisters, the NPP knows it is not capable of winning the 2016 elections and so want to breathe life into their DESTRUCTIVE “All Die Be Die” war cry and turn this country into a land flowing with blood and dead bodies.

The NPP is dreading another 4 years in opposition and so they want to frighten the people of Ghana to hand over power to them.

Akuffo-Addo and the NPP have no solid message for Ghanaians and also do not have any policy alternatives; and so want to use, lies, fabrications, and subterfuge, to frighten Ghanaians into believing that the EC has an evil agenda against the NPP.

Ladies and Gentlemen, brothers and sisters; ever since the NPP lost the 2012 General Elections, the NPP has stopped at nothing to disturb the peace of this dear nation of ours.

Because of Akuffo-Addo’s inordinate desire to become President of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana at “All Cost” and also because of his belief in his “All die be die” war cry; the NPP flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo and his running mate, Dr. Mahamoud Bawumia, have consciously led the crusade to not only create tension, but to also basatardise state institutions.

Believing that their supporters are not sophisticated in the head; and also believing that they can continue to insult the intelligence of the good people of Ghana; the Leadership of the NPP has convinced itself that instead of crafting concrete policy alternatives and presenting a comprehensive workable plan to the electorate, they can continue to use outright lies and fabrications to win the 2016 General Elections.

Talking about lack of policy alternatives; I am not surprised that on two (2) occasions, Akuffo-Addo has RUN AWAY from the IEA Evening Encounter.

Yes oooo: Akuffo-Addo has RUN AWAY on two (2) occasions from the IEA Evening Encounter because he does not have any policy alternatives.

Akuffo-Addo has not got any workable document to present to the people of Ghana and so he is RUNNING AWAY from the IEA.

Akuffo-Addo is afraid that he will be asked to tell the whole country how he intends to fund the building of his 300 INDUSTRIES in Ghana in the first year of his dreamy reign as President of Ghana.

Does Akuffo-Addo think that all of us are fools?

If there are few fools around him; he should not think that the rest of us are also fools!

The majority of Ghanaians are very discerning and so if Akuffo-Addo wants to ever become President of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana, he will have to begin to respect our intelligence.

They NPP believes that its supporters are very gullible and so they can continue to feed them with lies and get them to believe that the EC is rigging the elections for the NDC.

The whole agenda of the NPP is to feed its supporters with lies so that they can incite them to violence immediately after majority of Ghanaians renew the mandate of President Mahama and the EC announces the NDC as winner of the elections.

Of course; they also believe that a very large section of the media is ready to swallow hook-line-and-sinker, any lies they churn out hence the continues churning out of lies to mislead and deceive Ghanaians.

Ladies and gentlemen, my brothers and siters; when Dr. Bawumia presented his fake Togolese Register to Ghanaians and told us that it was “Less than 10% of work-in-progress”; did he not promise to provide the extra 90% of work to prove that our voters register was overbloated with foreigners and so must be changed?

Apart from the fact that Dr. Bawumia has not been able to justify his fake Togolese register of 10% of work-in-progress, he has still not produced the 90% he promised.

Is not very strange that the media not chasing him and forcing him to produce the 90% he promised?

Did Akuffo-Addo not LIE that we have “over one million foreigners on our voters register and so our register is now an ECOWAS register and not a Ghanaian register”?

Has he been able to prove that our register is an ECOWAS register?

Why is the media not chasing him and forcing him to provide evidence that our register is an ECOWAS register?

Dr. Bawumia, has made some EC officials lose their jobs because he is alleged to have abused the electoral laws and misled them into taking electoral materials to his house in Walewale to verify his name on the so-called overbloated register.

Ladies and gentlemen, my brothers and sisters, in all honesty can we entrust the destiny of Mother Ghana into the hands of Nana Akuffo-Addo and Dr. Bawumia when they continue to mislead the nation and lead us down a very dangerous path of LIES AND FABRICATIONS?

Considering the evil manner in which the NPP is seeking to destroy Ghana, it is not surprising that the Electoral Commission and some Civil Society Groups have been swift to come out and expose the hypocrisy of Peter Mac Manu, and the NPP vis-à-vis the E-Transmission issue.

My people, I invited you under the Umbrella this morning for us to build consensus and make it our sacred duty to work HARD to ensure that Akuffo-Addo and Bawumia NEVER get the chance to misrule Mother Ghana and lead us down the path of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION.

The NPP is aware that it is on the road to losing the 2016 elections and so is wickedly poisoning the minds of its gullible supporters into believing that the EC has an agenda against the NPP.

For emphasis: It is as clear as daylight that the NPP is preparing its supporters to attack the EC and other state institutions in the most likely event that it loses the 2016 General Elections.

As for me; I believe that by the Kind Grace of the Most High, Ghana Will Not Die!

Akuffo-Addo, Bawumia, Mac Manu, and the NPP SHALL not be allowed to kill Mother Ghana.


Whether rain or shine, I remain under the umbrella.

I rest my case for now.


So, a so-called man-of-God, opened his mouth and said that, those of us who are using legitimate means and asking the President to go by the Constitution and grant pardon to the MUNTIE HEROES (they are HEROES and not CRIMINALS), are “Nation Wreckers”?

I see!!!

So per the warped mindset of that so-called man-of-God; those who are beating war drums and saying they will “kill” our soldiers and police; behead “Ewes and Gas”; declare war in Ghana; use “wormafunu” to kill NDC members; are the ones who are “Nation Lovers” huh?


It is very clear that the Holy Spirit does not reside in that so-called man-of-God. He has been possessed by a very strange spirit that attacks only the sick minds of marauding elephants that are on a destruction spree!!

Nyansafuor eeeeeeeeeeeee: mu wor hin?

Shameless Hypocrites and parasites!!!!


What do you think?

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