Mahama announces plans to make Ghana a medical hub

President John Mahama has announced plans to make Ghana the medical hub for the sub-region.

Addressing the 4th graduation ceremony of the Perez University College in Accra the president said there will the expansion of existing health facilities across the country.

“We have such standards of excellence in the medical field that other West Africans and other people from the continent seeking medical assistance could come to Ghana and do that.

“Already i know that in the cardio centre we have patients who come from other West African countries to have open heart surgery.

“It is the same for the plastic and burns centre, cancer and radiation centre. We want to expand this so that more people will come and use Ghana as a medical hub,” he said.

The president cited a number of policies being implemented in the health sector which he said were aimed at transforming the sector.

“In 2010 as vice president of this country i had the privileged of launching the MASTESS schemes. It is the maths and science and technology scholarship schemes.

It gives full bursary to brilliant but needy students who are studying in the field of science of technology.

“I am happy to announce that since we launched it in 2010 9,000 young students in science and technology have benefitted from the scheme,” he said.

The president charged the ministry of environment science and technology to create more awareness about the existence of the scheme.

He also asked tertiary institutions to focus on subjects that give practical skills to students.

He reiterated the vision to make Ghana an educational hub, citing the number of foreign students who are acquiring knowledge in the various tertiary institutions in the country.

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