The Attorney-General’s Department has filed a notice to discontinue the case against businessman, Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome, at the Supreme Court.

An affidavit was filed a week ago by the A-G asking the Apex Court to order the defendant (Mr. Woyome) to appear before it on Thursday, November 10, at 9:00 am,“to be examined orally on oath by the 1st Defendant (Attorney-General) whether Mr. Woyome has any property or other means of satisfying the judgement debt”.

The Notice of Discontinuance, signed by Mrs. Dorothy Afriyie-Ansah, Chief State Attorney, read: “Please, take notice that the 1 st Defendant Judgement creditor herein has this of October, 2016, discontinued the present application to orally examine the 3rd Defendant / Judgement/Debtor with liberty to reapply”.

A civil motion was filed by the former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Martin Alamisi Amidu, in October 2014, against the Attorney-General, Waterville Holdings (BVI) Limited, and Mr. Woyome for the recovery of Ȼ51.2million.

Alfred Woyome

Alfred Woyome

Mr. Woyome collected the money from the state as judgement debt, following the failure of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration to pay his percentage for spearheading a financial engineering crusade from Bank Austria towards the construction of new stadia in the build up to CAN 2008.

The state, however, considered Mr. Woyome’s claim “fraudulent and causing financial loss to the state”, and initiated criminal proceedings against him at an Accra High Court, presided by Mr. Justice John Ajet-Nassam, bmfost because the Attorney- General “woefully failed” to produce mate­rial witnesses to testify during trial.

The court, therefore, acquitted and discharged Mr. Woyome on the criminal charges.

Not satisfied with his acquittal, the Attorney-General again filed a criminal appeal at the Court of Appeal against the judgement debt beneficiary, but still lost as the three-member panel of judges, namely, Justices Victor Ofoe (president), Lawrence Ladzagla Mensah and Francis Korbieh.

They held the view that Mr. Woyome did not commit a crime by claiming what was due him from the state (Ȼ51.2 million) since he applied “his right to claim,” and also acquitted and discharged him.

The Attorney-General is now bent on executing the judgement of the Supreme Court which went in favour of Mr. Amidu to recover the Ȼ51.2 million collected as judgement debt from Mr. Woyome through any means possible.

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