The village of Kwahu Aduamaoh in the Eastern Region has been thrown into a state of shock as many village folks finds the brutal attack on a native of the village, Oscar Nyamekye Owusu  believed to have been tipped for his clan’s head in that village sources closed to the family revealed that that clan whose name is being withheld for security purposes has had many of their head of family die within months after assuming leadership position in the family in that village.  The position has thus become vacant since 2012 and the next person tipped to become the head of the clan or family head is a young artiste who currently resides in Accra.

Oscar Nyamekye Owusu, an artist  who deals in carvings in Accra was brutally assaulted and brutalized for resisting refusing to take up the mantle of heading the family and beginning mediation towards the burial of the last family head who died in 2012. Sources say the deaths started in 2008 after the head of clan at that time impregnated another family member against the norms, beliefs and deities of the family. Curses were invoked by another member of the family, Osei Broni which ignited the deaths.

AOsei Broni died mysteriously around the first quarter of 2008 leaving the majority of his family members  in great shock and in suspicion. Information available indicate as tradition demands in that family, the new successor must bury the dead so the next family head arbitrated and stood in to perform the necessary rituals for his dead predecessor but failed to consult the chief priest of the village and thus evoked the wrath of the “gods”. Three months after the burial his predecessor, Nana Afari Kontoh died mysteriously. Another person was selected to perform the rites and bury Nana Kontoh but died shortly after the burial and this has been the trend till 2012 when the family consulted the deity in the village and it was revealed that the family failed to first consult the village priest before burying the first family head who committed incest before burying him.

The young man, Oscar Nyamekye Owusu, who hails from the family was informed of the vacant position and he accepted verbally and as custom demands, he visited the village to show homage to the family of a deceased friend and decided to inform his mother who narrated the history behind the family headship.

In an interview with yours truly, Oscar Nyamekye Owusu, hinted that he was quickly advised to leave the village as soon as possible to which he obliged because it has always been rumoured that he would be lured to perform the rituals for the dead head family head who died in 2012.

Some few days after coming to the city, he visited his carving shop at the Arts Centre in Accra, and was informed some people from his village came to look for him but they were told he had travelled to the village. Few days after his return from the village, the alleged visitors from his village returned again to visit Mr. Owusu at his shop but when he saw them, Mr. Owusu confirmed that he wanted to avoid the village members from getting him and carrying him back to the village so he run from his shop to seek refuge at the sea shore. But angered by his actions, the villagers took away some valuable items including Mr. Owusu’s laptop, mobile phones and unspecified amount of money. His shop was later burnt into ashes. Mr. Owusu therefore reported the police about the incident. He told yours truly that he was further advised to stay away from his home since there may be some village folks who may know his house in the city. According to Mr. Owusu, he moved to Teshie in Accra to stay there for a while but on 21st June 2016 whilst having a drink with some friends at a pub in Teshie hill, he had a phone call and decided to go out of the pub to respond to the call but just as he went out, a group of people attacked him and beat him to pulp.

He sustained various degree of injuries on his arm, legs and other part of his body. He was rushed to the hospital where he was treated and discharged.

When asked why he is running away from his royal responsibility, Mr. Owusu claimed the issues around the family inheritance are risky and do not fall in line with his beliefs. He said the tradition around my area is achaic, ambiguous and old fashioned because of the bad traditional practices which always include sacrifices of animal blood and sometimes humans.

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