Emile Short’s hypocrisy is problematic but the CHRAJ report is not problematic.

I read a reaction from former CHRAJ boss Emile Short on the CHRAJ report with regards to the Ford gift saga and I could only shake my head in disbelief.

Mr. Short claim that CHRAJ concluding that per their review of the evidence presented to them, the actions or conduct of the President after the gift was made was enough to deal with any conflict of interest that could have occasioned is problematic. Well, I believe Mr. Short’s conclusion is rather problematic as some of his deeds when he was the CHRAJ boss.

This is the same Mr. Short who as CHRAJ boss came out to lie about Kofi Coomson not appearing to before the Commission to testify after lodging a complain against the late P.V Obeng in 1996. Kofi Coomson later came out to expose him and said he appeared and testified for about 45 minutes but Nana Addo forced the lawyer from his Chambers who was handling his case not to appear and defend him before the Commission. He said when he asked Mr. Short for the records of his testimony, he was told that the records have been destroyed by a virus. Yes, this is the same Mr. Short having problems with a CHRAJ report that did not hide any details and nobody has so far come out to deny a single fact in that report. Whatever happened to honesty, only God knows.

Mr. Short also claim the Commission should have made reference to the president’s code of conduct for all appointees in 2012 to cure a situation that happened in 2011. This is just like saying a doctor was wrong for prescribing Alaxin to a patient suffering from malaria in 2011 when that was the most effective medicine back then because a new effective medicine was introduced in 2012. The fact that you are a doctor and making such claim even expose your bias towards your colleague doctor for whatever reason. It could be fueled by your hatred of the doctor or your hatred for the patient hence wanting to paint them black and create the impression that the patient was not treated well and is still suffering from malaria, forgetting that we try to improve upon things to cure defects we identified in the past and even the current improvement has its own defects hence our quest to still improve on it.

I am happy this whole Ford saga has been brought to an end after a thorough investigation and all facts made public. I am also happy that none of the facts were hidden and replaced with lies for the public to consume like Mr. Short handled Kofi Coomson’s case in 1996. The President has been vindicated and claims that he’s incorruptible have been solidified by this case and I am a proud Ghanaian because I have a leader who is incorruptible.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong. I pray that people deemed statesmen like Mr. Short will make honesty part of their words and actions for we the young ones to follow.


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