Charlotte Osei is ‘the best thing that has happened to the EC’ – Oye Lithur

The ruckus continues as varied opinions on the Electoral Commission Chair, Mrs. Charlotte Osei emerge. There has been a mix-bag of reactions from politicians, public figures and sections of the public following the calls by some concerned workers of the institution for an impeachment of the Chair.

While many have criticized and hurled accusations and insults at the EC Boss, levelling a number of allegations against her, quite a number of others have lauded Mrs. Osei’s efforts at steering the affairs of the commission since her appointment as Chairperson.

Former Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Nana Oye Lithur is the latest to join the fray and for her, Mrs. Charlotte Osei is “the best thing that has happened to the EC”.

Mrs. Lithur described her as a “reformist” who has transformed the state of affairs at the commission since her assumption of office adding that she would unhesitantly, defend her to the core.

“Mrs. Charlotte Osei is the best thing that ever happened to the Electoral Commission. I can vouch for her, I support her, I’ve known her since she was a student at the University of Ghana Faculty of Law and the law school. Actually it was Professor John Evans Atta Mills picked her up for her strength, for her expertise, for her competencies to chair the NCCE…She is a reformist”

She maintained that the success of the 2016 polls is evidential proof of Mrs. Osei’s remarkable performance as Chairperson.

“I would say without any doubt that Charlotte is the best Chairperson of the Electoral Commission…The evidence is clear in the sterling high praise that she was given after the 2016 election”, she stated.

She commended the EC Boss for her responses to queries by the house in Parliament.

“I watched the Parliament briefing where Mrs. Charlotte Osei was questioned. She was asked a specific question about when she realized that there was that money in the Commission’s account and she answered. The question was when did you?, and he answered it”.

Mrs. Lithur expressed confidence in the fact that Mrs. Osei will be vindicated at the close of investigations, urging that all persons involved, leave the case to the appropriate authorities to be dealt with.

“President Nana Akufo-Addo has rightfully forwarded the petition to the Chief Justice her Ladyship Justice Sophia Akuffo. I believe that we should allow the legal processes to work. A legal process has been set in motion subject to our constitution, we should allow it to work. I will say with confidence that I know that Charlotte will come out of this”, stated.


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