Gospel Musician Bernice Ansah Endorses President Mahama

As Ghana runs into a general election to elect a candidate or political party to govern this country many are the citizenry who are showing by hands which candidate they prefer he or she leads this country after the elections.
Some of these citizenry who are massing up to show to the world which candidate they prefer he wins this years elections are the celebrities or better still those we classify in our socierties as stars or popular personalities in the country.

Among the celebrities Ghanapubliceye.Com has spoken to concerning who they wish he or she become the President of Ghana, is the influential gospel diva and Vodafone Ghana Music Awards nominee Bernice Ansah who is has the accolade Gbenze Gbenze.

Bernice Ansah is undoubtedly a force to reckon with as far as gospel music is concern. She has been in the music industry for a decade now.

This reporter chanced upon some songs she has composed and released to call on Ghanaians to vote for His Excellency John Dramani Mahama to retain his seat. To ascertain the authenticity of her endorsing President Mahama, we called to speak to Bernice Ansah and she indeed confirmed to us, she is solidly behind President John Dramani Mahama and that, she has actually released three songs to canvas for votes for the President to retain his seat.

‘’I believe that, given the President the second term as President of Ghana, this country will see a turn around development ever. His first term alone should tell everyone that, the President is God’s chosen leader for this country. Look at the wonderful things he has done for this country. Education wise, Health wise, Roads and infrastructure, Water projects, revamping of most factories that were collapsed years back, fixing of Ghana’s Dumsor, increasing of capitation grant, large number of people registering under the Health Insurance Scheme, in fact, I can count and count and count. Come into our own entertainment industry, this government has been the first Government to recognize our entertainment industry in their annual budget to the parliament. There are so many things it has done to support the Musicians Union of Ghana. As I am talking to you, the Government has set up a fund to look after our legends and old age musicians who are weak and can’t work anymore. It has promised to build another theatre in Kumasi to increase our auditoriums meant for shows. I want to use your platform to entreat all Ghanaians to vote for President Mahama come 7th December. He has been tried and tested. Let’s not gamble with the destiny of this country by giving it to any other flag bearer who doesn’t understand how governance is all about and is now coming to try how to govern’’ Bernice Ansah said with Passion.which

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