Prof H Kwasi Prempeh Must Check How Acid Bath Is Associated With NPP- Omane Boamah

Minister of Communications Dr Edward Kofi Omane Boamah, has replied Law Professor, Kwasi Prempeh, few hours after the professor showed his disparagement with statements made by the president that, Ghana needs a unifier and not a divisive Nana Addo.

The president made this statement in an interview on ‘God Evening Ghana’ Metro TV.

Explaining, he said Nana Addo has in recent times, demonstrated that he cannot unify his party – hence cannot be trusted with political power to govern the entire nation.

The NPP has been battling with internal wrangling that has led to the suspension of its National Chairman, General Secretary and Second Vice Chair, Paul Afoko, Kwabena Agyepong and Sammy Crabbe respectively.
but according to the law professor in a Facebook post, wrote (unedited): “A party can be “united” by corruption or “divided” by principle.

I don’t get this Mahama obsession with “unity” in the NPP (by which he means Afoko, of course) while he and his own party founder Rawlings literally can’t see eye to eye.”

He continued, “Party unity” is easily overrated. Shared corruption and fear of losing power are the glue that binds the separate factions of his party together and gives it a veneer of unity. How does this kind of “unity” benefit Ghana? He should stop disturbing our ears.”

The Minister of Communication, who’s currently on tour with the president in Cape Coast, has replied the law professor, by telling him to “check how acid bath associated with a party connotes principle. How cold blooded murder at Asawase connotes unity.

“He should examine the corruption which has engulfed his party, NPP’s headquarters, and tell us why constituencies did not receive their fair share of donations from the Akuffo Addo led NPP. HKP get out of the closet, proudly wear the red, white and blue colours, and paste an elephant somewhere and save your sinking party.”

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