Mentally deranged characters’ listing me among ‘land grabbers’ – Stan Dogbe

Former Presidential staffer president John Mahama, Stan Dogbe has taken a swipe at persons he claims are discussing his supposed acquisition of state land on Facebook and other media platforms.

Describing such people as “mentally deranged characters” in his Facebook post on Wednesday night, the former Director of Communications at the Presidency said “If they have forgotten to take their prescribed medications, I am please begging them to take them. It’s not for nothing that the doctors gave you the dosage you have”.

Media reports indicate that a list of former government officials has been involved in the grabbing and selling of lands to their cronies.

According to the reports, over 416 individuals, mostly previous government officials, as well as public institutions were allocated state lands between 2009 and 2016.

Names that have been mentioned to be part of the list include Ex-president John Rawlings, Former Chair of the NDC Dr Kwabena Adjei, the past CEO of the NHIA, Dr Sylvester Mensah and Lee Ocran.

The list is also said to include ex-president John Kufuor, the late Jake Obetsebi Lamptey and KT Hammond.

According to Stan Dogbe, some people have mentioned his name as part of the list and he has given them the path to identify their ‘level of sanity’ with the help of a picture he has published on his Facebook page.

Beneath the picture are the words “This photograph is used by doctors for insane people. If you see the pictures standing still ur okay. If you see them moving slowly then u have some problems but if you see them moving fast u need treatment. But if you see them moving faster like a fan rush to the hospital immediately”.

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