List Of Multimedia’s False News Bulletins Against NDC EXPOSED

Since the NDC came to power in 2009, the Multimedia Group of Companies appears to cook up one lie after the other against government or government officials to the extent of implicating the president too. has monitored activities of Multimedia and would like to ask if they have any agenda against government. As a media outlet, we know it is our duty to inform the masses with accurate information and not misinform them because we hate a person or a particular group of people.

We have therefore compiled a list of 10 news items from Multimedia meant to paint government black but turned out to be poorly fabricated lies.

1. in 2011 reported a false story that “Hon. Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo, then Minister of State at the presidency had warned the late President Mills to reassign Mrs. Zita Okaikoi or face adverse consequences” during an interview on Citi fm.

Hon. Agbo in a press statement asked them to retract the story and apologize because he never cautioned the president or the NDC party in any way during the interview.

2. Joy FM and apologized for their lies against the president in December 2013 after government had to release a statement asking Joy FM and to apologize for a lie they peddled on their platforms — claiming the presidency stopped Merchant Bank from recovering debts from E & P.

3. Adom FM recently reported that 300 Ghanaians were about to be executed in Libya but a follow up by the Foreign Affairs Ministry proved that there was no truth in that news bulletin.

4. The Amina Youtong bus and mass rape saga reported by Joy FM and Adom FM all proved to be lies at the end of the day.

5. On 14th December, 2015, the management of Multimedia Group Limited apologized and retracted a story broadcasted on 18th September, 2015 claiming that structural cracks had appeared in the Melcom Plus building located at industrial area, Kaneshie and that the cracks
were a danger to members of the public.

6. reported that Ghana had lost its maritime dispute with Ivory Coast in the ongoing boundary arbitration at the international tribunal of law of the sea in Hamburg on the 25th of April 2015 with the headline “Ghana loses injunction case in maritime dispute” and later came back to retract and apologize saying “just like Reuters, and other major international online portals whose initial reports on the ruling were inaccurate, inadvertently misconstrued one of the reliefs granted the Ivorians….. We therefoe wish to apologize for the error and any embarrassment it has caused”

7. Multimedia carried a story on their platforms in 2010 claiming some individuals in GREDA had received death threats hence the withdrawal of their petition against the STX deal only for GREDA to come out and tell the world that there was no iota of truth in that report because they only withdrew their petition after meeting parliament and getting a better understanding of the whole deal.

8. Joy FM reported that BNI operatives who went to the house of a former Kosmos Energy staff stripped the man naked before his family. The man denied that story and even commended the investigators who came to him for being civil and professional.

9. In 2015, a story on and Nhyira fm’s Facebook platform posted a story titled “I have not had orgasm for three months due to dumsor – Ama K. Abebrese” only for the star to deny ever writing such piece on her Facebook Wall and asked the above Multimedia platforms to retract the story and apologize.

10. Suspended General Secretary of the NPP, Kwabena Agyapong, recently petitioned the NMC to look into false stories published by about him.

It is sad that a reputable media outlet like Multimedia will stoop this low to misinform their cherished listeners on issues of national interest. What is the motivation behind the actions of multimedia and what do they seek to gain at the end of the day?

Media outlets must know that we play a vital role in maintaining the peace we are currently enjoying in Ghana and we will never be forgiven if we do anything to jeopardize it. If we can’t be truthful, we should at least be factual.

If in the past the NPP tried desperately to create the false impression that no development is taking place under the watch of President Mahama and the NDC administration; the chickens are now home roosting and no less a person than Dr. Bawumia has acknowledged the fact that President Mahama is working very hard to improve the nation’s infrastructure base.

What do you think?

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