Judge in Afoko’s case played role of a Third Defendant- Lawyer Katakyie

A private legal practitioner and a constitutional lawyer in Kumasi, Lawyer Katakyie Kwame Poku who spoke on Onua Fm this morning has contended that ,the trial Judge Who ruled in the suit of National Chairman of the NPP Paul Afoko against the New Patriotic Party, played role of a third defendant in what the lawyer claimed as “contrived” ruling last Monday.

Lawyer Katakyei contended that ‘i have read the judgement of his Lordship Justice Anthony Yeboah in extenso and I couldn’t fathom the manisfestation of deliberate unfairness with regards to this ruling. In one breath, Justice Anthony Yeboah couldn’t distinguish between who is a member and an officer of the party. The learned Justice also failed to understand that an indefinite suspension of an officer of the party with a “definite term” of office is tantamount to removal. The learned Justice Yeboah deliberately confused himself on what the party’s National Council and the Council of Elders was, as he ended up aiding the Council of Elders with the exclusive powers of the party’s National Council which resulted in a collateral impairment to the ruling. This is just not right.”

The constitutional lawyer has therefore advised Chairman Paul Afoko to seek an appeal at the highest level in the face of this contrived “Political Judgement” since in his view, the court action is to save the constitution of the party and not to the benefit of Chairman Afoko or any individual. Lawyer Katakyie also slammed Professor Mike Ocquaye over the “confession” comment he made on other media platforms. He said , “if Professor Ocquaye cared a little about Unity in diversity as the ingredient which has eluded the party eversince Nana Akufo-Addo took over the party from President Kufour in 2007, he would have used such a rare opportunity to extend an olive branch to aggrieved persons as any elder would do, and not the trading of mischievous comments which only seeks to inflame passion.”

The lawyer added that, he was now convinced some elders in the party make exploits from the deep seated division within the party as he stated “I am now convinced over what Kwabena Agyepong said sometime ago that, some elders of the party exploit some ventures out of the recurring division in the party”

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