Donald Trump is a hot headed terrorist – Black Rasta

Blakk Rasta is a well known Raggae musician and one of the most outspoken Radio presenter in Ghana .

He has taken some shots at Donald Trump( A businessman and a flag bearer aspirant for the Republican Party in America )

The former Hitz fm presenter was at the entertainment review on peace fm studio to promote his new single “dumb trump ”.

Asked why he chose to give that title to his song ,he explained by saying that Donald Trump was more than dumb but a terrorist because of some of his pronouncements.

Donald is noted to have said that:

“He doesn’t want to see Moslems in America and he will shoot them with a bullet soaked in a pigs blood ”

“Mexicans are rapist, thieves , and that he will build a wall around America to prevent Mexicans from entering America ”

“..he will sack the over 100,000 Moslems from America”

These are some of Donald’s statement in the past in his run to become the president of America


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