Buhari, Tinubu’s sustained ties will strenghten the polity – Primate Ayodele

By Bashir Adefaka

Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, founder and Head of  INRI Evangelical and Spiritual Church, on December 23, 2015, released what he termed the end-of-year message  in which he, as he usually does, warned nations and individuals not to relent in seeking the face of God.  He said doing so would avert  tragedies. The man of God predicted the ongoing economic crisis two years ago and was the first to announce that Goodluck Jonathan would be the last President of  the PDP. Among his latest prophecies is that President Muhammadu Buhari and a leader of the ruling APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, will fight but called on both leaders to pray against such squabble so that the party will not break.  Excerpts:


We have had this issue about prophecies by some prophets  which didn’t come to pass.  Could you share with us some of your prophecies that actually came to pass?

There are a lot of prophecies that I made in the past which came to pass although I cannot  mention all of them here. But first, I don’t say anything  I am not told to say.  For  example, I predicted and it was reported in Saturday Guardian of July 13, 2013 at page 13 that Goodluck Jonathan would not win the 2015 presidential election.

Also, at  page 43 of Daily Champion of December 24, 2014, I foretold that there would be crisis in PDP during and after the 2015 general elections; and that the same fate will befall the APC.  Also, it was revealed to me that terrorists will continue attacks in the North- East and  I  foretold crisis in the telecommunication sector all of which came to pass in 2015.

I predicted that the incoming National Assembly, which we now have, would face lots of misunderstanding especially in the House of Representatives.  On sports, I predicted that unexpected clubs would challenge the dominance of some established clubsides in the English Premiership League.

And if you look at the Leadership Newspaper of Sunday, November 8, 2015 at  page 67, I said, ‘The Nigeria Under-17 football team will lift the Junior World Cup. A former Chief of Defence Staff will face probe. I foresee the removal of the EFCC boss.’ At  page 43 of Daily Champion of December 24, 2014,

I was reported to have said: “Our Nollywood stars and journalists should pray against deaths in 2015 and also rebuke attacks on them. The economy of some states will break down except the Lord intervenes.’ I also said there would be shake-up in the NNPC and the shake up will go on even as the price of  crude oil would fluctuate in the world market. Part of my past prophecies was that Deziani Allison-Maduekwe should pray against health challenges and that she should also pray to avert blackmail.

2016 revelations on the foreign scene

It is revealed to me that an African man will embark on a new invention that will be recognized globally. Climatic problem will be paramount at the global level and this will cause  problems. I see Saudi Arabia being attacked by terrorists. I also foresee challenges in the economy of Saudi Arabia and the League of Arabs will be concerned about things that will be coming up in Saudi Arabia.

Israel and America will have issues over Palestine State. Lebanon will also face crisis. America should pray not to lose any of  its aircraft. I foresee a plane crash in Asia, Europe and Middle East. Let them pray to avert this. Prayers should be offered to ward off natural disasters globally. America should pray not to be attacked by terrorists. I see unnecessary killings and protests in America.  I also see attacks in Turkey.  France must be careful of attacks and challenges. UK should be careful not to be attacked by terrorists.  It should also pray  not to experience flood and drought. UK should pray not to witness crisis in the parliament and also crisis in the country.

The powerful nations should be watchful and careful of unexpected crises. Pope John Paul should pray for good health.   He will escape assassination. He should pray not to lose  Bishops and Cardinals in the Catholic Church. I see changes in the African Union leadership and the  body  will face challenges over food, funds and security. AU will  find peace where there are troubles in Africa.  The continental body should  pray not to be bereaved of any of  its members.

Togo Republic will not give room to journalists to operate and there will be human right violations in the country. The US Democratic Party must field a credible candidate to succeed President Obama because the Republican picking Donald Trump will be a cheap goal. There will be protests and bomb scare in Kenya. Let Uganda pray against disorderliness and the President should pray against troubles. Ghana must be careful because I see protests against the government and the President should seek the face of God to win second term because problems are ahead of him.

I foresee landslides in China, Indonesia and Japan. I see a journalist of Aljazeera TV being kidnapped.  I see American new dollar in circulation. It could be any domination. I foresee several bombings and killings in Pakistan.  Benin Republic will experience crisis and there will be deadlock in the country. Lets pray not to see death in Buckingham Palace.

2016 revelations: Nigeria

From the spiritual realm, Nigeria needs prayers so that we can be together as one nation. It is likely Nigeria will have regional governments. I see more groups agitating for Nigeria’s dismemberment. I see protests here and there. Nigeria should go into prayers to seek peace and prevent unrest. Nigeria will seek a permanent seat at the  UN. Security Council.  Buhari’s government will deliver but not as people expected. I foresee that some people will call for the review of the former confab recommendations while  some will agitate for a  new confab. Buhari will want to probe Jonathan, which some eminent people will kick against. We should rebuke building collapse in Lagos and Ibadan. Nigeria is going to be a two-party nation.

2016 is a year where Nigeria needs a lot of prayers to achieve its desire. Let the Nigerian government have a day for thanksgiving.  There will be boat capsize in Nigerian waterways and fish will be poisoned.  Let’s pray to rebuke gas and tanker explosions in the year.  I see tension in Ekiti, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Ondo, Lagos, Kwara, Ogun, Osun, Imo, Kano, Niger and Adamawa states.

Sunny Odogwu, Sunny Kuku, Arthur Ezeh should pray for success in their various expectations and also for God’s protection.  Ekweme, Shagari, Obasanjo, Babangida, Adamu Ciroma, Subomi Balogun, Odimegwu and Ibrahim Comassie  should pray for good health, God’s guidance and protection.  Dangote should pray not to lose huge amount of money this year and also, he should pray against fire outbreak in one of his companies.

Faleke’s case will be threatened because some powerful people will want to influence it except he seeks the face of God. I see the Federal Government’s website being hacked. Buhari must not believe in America because they will create problems for his government and this will make his government unstable.  We should also pray against floods in Kogi, Lagos, Benue, Plateau and Rivers states. I see South-West and South-East experiencing bomb scare. Nigeria will want to borrow money. I foresee some investors will want to withdraw from doing business in Nigeria due to  challenges. Buhari will fight corruption, but he will not be able to fight it totally because of who-is-who and he must not fight corruption with sentiments because a lot of people will be indicted especially those he didn’t expect and they will be sending people to beg him.

Some of the Chibok girls are pregnant and we cannot see all of them again. Let us seek the face of God because it (Chibok girls issue) may cause problems for the Buhari administration. More corrupt officials will be exposed.

We must pray against austerity. What Buhari can do to succeed is to address the issue of the Chibok girls, security, food, good roads, power, education, employment, poverty alleviation and put the banking sector in order while doing what the society expects of  him.

On politics

Some PDP governors will want to cross to APC. Meanwhile,  PDP can only be stronger if they seek the face of God and do the right thing. Otherwise, another party will overtake them.   APC’s logo will be changed.  The governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, must not dump his party, APGA, otherwise some big wigs in the state will gang up against him and he will lose his second term bid.  Also, he (Obiano) must not fight his predecessor (Peter Obi).

In Ondo State, if APC works very hard, seeks the face of God and puts up the right candidate, the party will win the 2016 governorship election.   There will be plots against Governor Mimiko to bring down the PDP in the state. Let’s pray we don’t lose a deputy governor. Let’s pray we don’t lose a one-time governor and minister. Governors of Jigawa, Enugu, Niger, Adamawa, Ondo, Osun, Katsina, Kwara, Kogi, Oyo and Taraba will face challenges and they should be careful because the  opposition will want to frustrate their efforts.

I see Ekiti State Governor Fayose facing a lot of challenges and the opposition will fight him. The opposition will frustrate PDP in the coming Ekiti governorship election and Fayose should pray over his life. Not all the governors will finish their terms.  Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State should seek the face of God as  the APC is ready to do everything possible to win the state.  The Akwa Ibom State governor must not relent in his effort; he should seek the face of God.  APC will give him a tough fight.

Yaya Bello’s effort will not be appreciated as his government will be unstable.  I foresee chaos in Kogi State PDP while some of its top members  will decamp to APC.

Let’s pray against political assassination. God told me that Buhari and Tinubu may fight because Tinubu will want correction on certain things which Buhari will not accept. People will cause the fight. Both leaders should seek the face of God to cancel the enemies plan which has the capacity to  break APC.

Meanwhile, the bond of friendship between them will go a long way to strenghten the polity.


The EFCC Chairman should be very prayerful so that his efforts can be rewarded as some countries will want to create problems for him. The international community will be interested in some anti- corruption cases in Nigeria and, if they think the EFCC is not doing it properly, they may withdraw their support. For this reason, the Chairman  needs to pray well.

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