The whole of economy of Ghana is in disarray couple with an issue of deep seated corruption characterized by lack of proper accountability, wastage of financial resources, dubious payment of judgement debts, mismanagement of the affairs of governance right from the top decision making and policy drafting body to the implementing institutions.

There will be Absolute No Tolerance for corruption under Dr. Hassan Ayariga Presidency, and this can be achieved by:

1. Reviewing the existing anti-corruption laws to sanction corrupt Public Office Holders and Government Appointees.

2. Retrieving all Government stolen monies and properties both home and overseas.

3. Prevention of the payment of dubious judgement debts. APC Government will legally recover all illegally paid monies all in the name of judgement and settlement debts.

4. Reviewing the Procurement Act to improve accountability, probity and transparency of the operations and management of the Procurement Act in order to make Government expenditure more efficient and effective.

5.Ensuring All Inclusive Governance as the backbone under APC Government and totally refrained from political appointments based on tribal, ethnocentric and regional nepotism.

6. Comprehensively review the existing tax laws of Ghana to eliminate distortions and control wastage of financial resources.

7. Implementing transparent policies that will enforced all Sector Ministries, Government Agencies and Departments that collect revenue and fees for the State to strictly and duly deposit their collections into the Consolidated Fund for accelerated growth, jobs and wealth creation.

8. Ensuring proper decentralization to reduce the powers of Government Agencies and Ministries to work within their budgets as well as ensure proper check and balance especially at the Local Government level.

9. Introducing E-governance policy, ensure full and successful implementation of the Financial Administrative Act and Internal Audit Act to make the operations and administration of Government machinery more transparent and accountable.

10. Empowering anti-corruption agencies such as EOCO, CHRAJ, BNI and CID to functions properly without political interference.

11. Fully and successfully implement the Right to Information Act.

12. Amending the 1992 Constitution to separate political power from economic power.

13. Amending the 1992 Constitution to separate the Attorney General Department from the Ministry of Justice.

14. Enacting Laws to treat homosexuality, bestiality and all other forms of Unnatural Carnal Knowledge as one of the highest crime with severe punishment of 80years imprisonment.

15. Avoiding reckless spending on Government programmes which do not affect the wellbeing of Ghanaians positively.

We passionately appeal to Ghanaians to vote for Dr. Hassan Ayariga Presidency come 7th November 2016 general election.

A vote for Dr. Hassan Ayariga is a vote for the Fight against corruption in Ghana.

Razak Kojo Opoku
General Secretary

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