How Akufo Addo Killed His First Wife In A Fit Of Rage-Autopsy Report Bares It All

A hailstorm of controversy is set to engulf the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party following the discovery of a grisly autopsy report that has brought to light for the first time, the gruesome circumstances under which one Obaa Yaa Nkansah Dwamena, a former wife of NPP flagbearer, Nana Akufo Addo met her untimely death.

For years, the matter had a remained a closely-guarded secret known only to a few relations and friends of Akufo Addo. In the run up to the 2007 flagbearer contest of the New Patriotic Party, rumours surfaced of the sordid affair.

The lack of water-tight evidence to authenticate the rumour made it difficult to sustain. That situation however is about to change dramatically as incontrovertible evidence of the dastardly murder has emerged. An autopsy report in the firm possession of this paper has revealed that the veteran NPP flagbearer clobbered his then wife to death in a fit of rage following a misunderstanding between the couple.

Details are sketchy as to what prompted the two to quarrel but it has emerged that Akufo Addo could not contain his anger and pummelled his wife to death with ?a heavy object? in the ensuing melee.

After four years of painstaking investigations by this paper, we can reveal authoritatively that at about 4pm on 17th August, 1993, an argument broke out between the NPP stalwart and the then 34 year old Obaa Yaa over an issue which is as yet unclear.

Neighbours could hear loud arguments and exchange of words but dismissed same as a mere lovers? quarrel.

Unbeknownst to these neighbours, the helpless 34 year old was at the receiving end of severe beatings from his much older husband.

At about 8pm that same day, Akufo Addo was seen sneaking out of the house in a hasty manner.

Investigations also revealed that Akufo Addo drove straight from his Nima Residence to a hospital near the former NDC headquarters in Kokomlemle.The hospital was owned by one Dr Kweku Boadu, a gynaecologist and close confidant of Akufo Addo.

Akufo Addo then informed Dr Boadu that Obaa Yaa had suddenly collapsed after severe bleeding. He also revealed that she was carrying a three month old pregnancy.

Sources close to the incident have indicated to this paper that it is the disclosure of this pregnancy that led to the argument in the first instance.

Try as Dr Boadu did to save Obaa Yaa, the latter passed away shortly after she was brought to his clinic. Sensing that he had been misled upon closer inspection of Obaa Yaa, Dr Boadu pressed Akufo Addo for full disclosure whereupon he broke down and spilled the beans on what had actually happened.

Akufo Addo then pleaded with his friend to assist him provide a ?plausible cause of death?.
Dr KwesI Boadu then arranged for Obaa Yaa?s body to be conveyed to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital mortuary and filed a report indicating the cause of death to be ?Hypovolemic Shock Secondary to Abortion?.

Akufo Addo then swiftly reached out to a top security capo within the then Rawlings government for succour. This overwhelmingly influential figure had been a close friend of Akufo Addo?s late father and had vowed to protect him.A few strings were then pulled to ensure that the report of the autopsy carried out on Obaa Yaa?s body never saw the light of day.

But like the proverbial cork, the truth about Obaa Yaa?s death has refused to be buried. This paper has laid hands on the original copy of the report of the autopsy carried out on 21st August,1993 by a one Dr Alfred Kwame Effah.

Among other horrible injuries that actually caused her death, Obaa Yaa is noted by the report to have had ?blood clots in the nostrils and mouth, about 50mls of fluid in the ?Pouch of Douglas? and massive intraperitoneal haemorrhage?.

The report also showed that the deceased had ?multiple lacerations around the neck, right shoulder and back?. The report further stated that ?fractures were also detected on her right ribs?.

Her pregnancy was confirmed by the autopsy report which stated that ?a dead foetus was identified in the uterus?.

Most tellingly, the report stated that ?traces of marijuana were detected in her blood?.

These shocking revelations will no doubt give rise to a new storm of controversy over a candidate about whom unending accusations of moral turpitude have been made. Several former close associates, diplomats, party functionaries and opponents alike have for years spoken openly about Akufo Addo?s excessive drug use and womanizing. These accusations have been profoundly damaging to his Presidential amibitions and this will no doubt add to his woes.

Family members of Obaa Yaa have for years campaigned for the NPP leader to be brought to justice. A brother of the deceased, Kofi Yeboah who spoke to this paper from his UK base expressed outrage at the turn of events. He hinted that his family has always suspected the involvement of Akufo Addo in his sister?s death but had been thwarted by some ?big men? anytime a push was made for the matter to be investigated.

He prayed the powers that be to initiate an inquiry into the whole affair with the view to seeking justice for his beloved sister.

Issues of unexplained deaths around Akufo Addo are not limited to this gory incident. This paper is also in possession of iron-clad evidence that sheds light on the circumstances under which a security man at Akufo Addo?s office died and was buried under the cover of darkness.

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