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**Come tomorrow at the Winneba Presbyterian School Park, near UEW-North Campus and opposite WINNESEC junction, The Mother of the Nation will show love to her women in Effutu.

~Her Excellency the First Lady included Effutu in her visit to CR tomorrow where she will extend her health outreach program – that includes advocacy, education and screening; for Breast and Cervical health, as well as STDs (including Syphilis, HP , and HIV).

~The target number of expected beneficiaries are 3,000 *socially active* females of all ages in the first instance, and both males and females in the second (STDs).

~Our Constituency Executives led by Chairman Popo, MCE and PC as well as some assembly members are preparing seriously towards the day and the enthusiasm here is wonderful. Communicators are informing, educating and mobilising as many of our people as possible- to come from Effutu and nearby communities to benefit from this rare opportunity to safeguard and improve their health.

~H. E. Dr Nana Lordina Mahama, the 1st Lady knowing the importance of human resource development in every Nation, is working hard to help citizens with preventive health education and assistance. Yes!, as a loving mother, she will not look on for her children to fall sick and be admitted, before she will rush to the hospitals to give out Kalypo and biscuits in party branded polyethylene bags.


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