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Ministry of Health has rejected us-Collation of Bonded and un-posted nurses

A group calling itself the Collation of Bonded but un-posted allied health nurses are demanding immediate clearance and posting by government.

President of the group, Solomon Yeboah, says the Ministry of health has abandoned them, because it has been unwilling to post them years after they completed their education.

The nurses this morning picketed at the premises of the health ministry demanding the financial clearance and immediate posting from the health ministry.

This is the second time they have embarked on the action in the past two months.

In an interview with StarrFM Mr Yeboah said the ministry had failed to address their concerns, and so they will be “having a long live picketing here] [MoH] until our[their] clearance with immediate posting is given to us[them].”

“Our case was that we have finish school,……. and the ministry of health gave us the assurance that we should wait for our colleagues health trainees nurses who were still on the field doing their service, and that when they come out thy will post us and them. We waited and on the 4th of this month, a clearance was released and the ministry has given over thousand and we the ministry has rejected us.”

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