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Legon students arrested for academic fraud

Bureau of National Investigation BNI has arrested over 20 students of University of Ghana (UG) for hacking the schools’ academic records system.
This was disclosed by the Vice Chancellor of University of Ghana Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu at the Central Cafeteria OF University of Ghana where he observed the Palm Sunday with a group of students.

According to him, these students attempted to hack into the University of Ghana records system (MIS WEB) in order to change their grades
Prof Oduro Owusu said these locked students are under the custody of the Bureau of National Investigation BNI for further investigations.
He adds that the security of the MIS WEB system has been tightened and it would not be easy to get around it”.
It is better to fail and resit than to cheat. ” The resit may be a testimony” he remarked.

He concluded by sounding a note of caution to all and sundry that, any student or person for that matter who is found guilty of attempting to hack the system would be expelled and handed over to the police.
The VC admonished students to tell miscreants who approach them with the proposal to help them change their grades : ” You Devil, Get Away From Me!!!”

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