HYPOCRISY & DISHONESTY -some Ghanaians are more Ghanaian than others?

Harassing Kweku Baako [a man Akufo Addo sees and consult daily] to the point of complaining without drawing the attention of Akufo Addo to the fact that he’s Breaching the Constitution by not being the Automatic Conveyor belt or Postal Address to send such Article 146 Petitions, a claim they [apologists of Akufo Addo, some journalists & lawyers] at the height of the Article 146 Petition against the EC, made. This subject, has become completely mind-boggling considering the fact that a petition was forwarded to the President, Akufo-Addo many months ago for the removal of the current Chief Justice of the Republic of Ghana. It appears some protectionism is being played out.

Ironically, during the same discussion these “EXPERTS in ARTICLE 146 CASES” made reference to an earlier Petition for the removal of the former Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Woode during the President Mills era.

These ‘Petition Experts’ indicated that the President [Prof. John Evans Atta Mills] should have automatically forwarded the Petition to the Council of State (without doing anything about the Petition) since all a President was to do under such circumstances was to receive the Petition and send a Copy to the Council of State for further action…

One Lawyer Oppong indicated that he would have advised that an additional copy addressed to the Chairman of the Council of State is included in the Petition package sent to the President, which was done by the Petitioners in the 14th February, 2018 Petition which was delivered to the President by Ghana Post via registered Mail which was signed for upon delivery.

Since then, regular checks have shown that no correspondence has been received by the Council of State from the President/Office of the President/Presidency regarding the Petition for the Removal of the Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo till date.

Sampson lardy Anyineni [Joy FM|Multimedia], Paul Adom Otchere [Metro TV] (both Lawyers/journalists), Fiifi Banson, Kojo Preko Danqua [Kasapa FM] and several others can confirm like Kweku Baako [Crusading Guide Newspaper] that they have copies of the Petition for the Removal of the Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo; who said on Metro TV “Good Morning Ghana” that he got a copy from the Office of the President.

So the question is not why President Akufo Addo has refused to act [as conveyor belt] on the Petition as demanded by the 1992 Constitution, BUT WHY THE JOURNALISTS ESPECIALLY THE LAWYERS, HAVE DECIDED TO ALLOW AKUFO ADDO TO BREACH THE CONSTITUTION WITH IMPUNITY; and why is Kweku Baako complaining about being reminded to keep his promises to Ghanaians!!

Truth must stand in all we do. As citizens, we must be seen to be treating each other equally. If the petition for the removal of the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission could not be stopped by the presidency, why must the president and his office be sitting on a petition forwarded and grounded, for the removal of the current Chief Justice? Indeed, some Ghanaians are more Ghanaian than others, from the actions and inactions on the part of the president, that is not far from the truth.

God SAVE Our Homeland Ghana!

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