Zongo Imams and Caucus condemns dishonest Bawumia for using Mosques as a Political platform

Muslim elders and figures in the Zongo communities accross Ghana have in a unanimous voice, condemn the vice Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party Dr Mahamadu Bawumia for desperately turning the place of worship into a political platform.

They have noted with grave concern, the mischievous attempt by Dr Bawumia to knock heads of the various sects in the Islamic religion with his recklessness and campaign of lies. Bawumia is recent past, passed a contemptuous and xenophobic comment regarding Muslims in politics when he stated that “Flagstaff house I religiously skewed.” It is becoming obvious that, Dr Bawumia is only competent in creating tension and troubles among the peacefu coexisting Zongo community

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Zongo Caucus Condemns Bawumia.

The attention of the zongo caucus has been drawn to an unfortunate incident in a Friday prayer at the central mosque of koforidua where the running mate of the NPP, Dr. Mahmud Bawumia was prevented from turning a solemn Friday prayer into a partisan rally ground.

The desperation of the NPP was at its peak when Dr Mahmud wanted to campaign even before the khutba was read, a practice that is prohibited in Islam.

This attempt of Mahmud Bawumia is the height of the religious and tribal bigotry that has characterised the campaign of the NPP.

The matters of religion can not be taken for granted in the quest of the opposition to capture political power. Politicians must learn to accord the due respect to the holy sanctuary of God.

But it is rather shameful to note Dr. Mahmud Bawumia disregarding the doctrines of Islam, by trying to disrupt the Muslim Friday prayers at Koforidua in the Eastern region with his campaign entourage.

Allah(SAT) said in the holy Qur’an 72:18 ” the mosques are for Allah’s worship, so do not invoke anyone else along with Allah.”

Dr. Mahmud, who has been touting his Muslim credentials, should be well informed about this verse of the holy Qur’an, and act accordingly with the command of Allah. But he shamelessly gave it a blind eye to achieve his political goal.

As Muslims of this country, we would not welcome any act that would undermine the doctrine of our religion. If he is ignorant about Islam, we entreat him to get himself educated on the teachings of Islam.

We commend the efforts of the good people of koforidua for walking out on him to remind him that, matters of religion cannot be toyed with.

We as well call on Muslims across the country to emulate the good people of koforidua by rejecting all forms of religious and tribal bigotry in this country.

We demand that he apologises to all Muslims of this country for desecrating our holy place of worship with his political propaganda.

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Alhaji Armiyao Cole Younger, National Cordinator.

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