‘Youth For NPP’ Condemns Decision To Boycott Radio Stations

Press Release


April 5th, 2016

The Youth for NPP condemns the decision of the party to boycott two leading stations in the country; Neat FM and Okay FM. This move in an election year can best be described as cowardly, short-sighted and very counter-productive.

It exposes a poor understanding of the workings of the media by the Communication Directorate of the party headed by Nana Akomea. If the directorate had been just a bit discerning, they would have realized that such a call would simply not be effective.

Even they themselves cannot resist the urge of tuning into those stations. Why come out with such a statement in the first place when the only message it sends out is that we are a bunch of intolerant lot always wanting to have our way?

The press will also feast on controversy and conflicts and it is up to us to keep our house in order. We the Youth of NPP urge all well-meaning members of the NPP to continue to patronize these stations so they can help keep abreast of the issues and defend the party when issues are discussed.

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Mr Ophori Suarez

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