Young businessmen in Ghana must learn to operate as submarines – Arnold Asante

Imajin Advertising’s Chief Executive Officer Arnold Kojo Asante has advised Ghanaian businessmen especially the new ones to cut unnecessary expenditure and learn to operate like submarines.

The Imajin Advertising boss also insinuated that young businessmen must avoid over exposure to the public and concentrate on building their businesses.

Below is Arnold Kojo Asante’s full statement as captured by

In the last 10 years, over 80% of buoyant businesses that were started are either on their knees or at close to crumbling. It’s a cause for concern and worry.

If this trend continues, in the next 20 years over 80% of businesses in ghana will be owned by foreigners.

This canker has largely been caused by our own extravagant lifestyle and over exposure to the public.

We are unable to control and manage the amount of hailing or “fans” we receive whilst rising up to the extent that we can’t even wait and root our businesses yet we are forced into engaging in very unnecessary expenditure.

Every rising business man who seems to be “making it” is called chairman, boss or bossu! and you end up eating all your eggs and the chicken at the same time with your “fans”. When all your fortunes are gone, your supposed “fans “ disappear to hail another victim.

The same “fans”appear almost around every young businessman coming up.

We often get so carried away that we fail to plan for the future of our businesses. Every seemingly successful man is good and honest, every broke and struggling man is dishonest and bad!…the same “fans” will tout you.

As the saying goes “you plan your work and you work your plan”.

Anything short of this is a recipe for failure and debts. I have been there and I have seen it all!

Must I mention other names and businesses? I need not!! Let us focus, stay with the vision and operate like submarines.

Less exposure more progress…so we can root our businesses deeply!

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