You can choose to vote for NDC and I don’t care” – Akufo Addo

October 17, 2022

President Nana Akufo-Addo has called the bluff of residents of Afigya Kwabre East in the Ashanti Region, who recently threatened to vote against the governing New Patriotic Party in the next elections if their bad roads are not fixed.

The constituency is a heavy supporter of the NPP.

It delivered about 80,000 votes for the party in the 2020 polls.

Directly responding to a specific question about the threats of the constituents when he appeared on OTEC FM in Kumasi on the second day of his four-day visit to the region, Mr Akufo-Addo retorted: “No problem”, adding: “I’m saying people make those kinds of threats; me, they don’t frighten me”.

“Somebody votes for you, somebody supports you because they want you to do things for them. I understand that. There’s no need for people to threaten that: ‘If I don’t do this, then that and that’”, the president noted.

Asked if he will fix the road nonetheless, Mr Akufo-Addo answered: “Of course, I’ll do it but if it comes to voting and you decide to vote for the NDC, it is your own matter, it is not my business”.

“Nobody is forcing your hand to thumbprint for a particular candidate. That’s yours to do. The important thing is that I have a responsibility and I understand the responsibility and we will deal with it”, he added.

The Afigya Kwabre East residents made the threat in mid-August this year.

They accused both the president and the MP of neglecting them despite their heavy support for the party.

Despite their electoral loyalty, the constituents bewailed that Mampongteng, the capital of the municipality, does not have a single kilometre of asphalted roads.

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