Kikikikikiki, filla no get legs ibi okro mouth dey carry am. I have already told you that anytime I start my write-up with “kikikikikiki” it means matter dey; hmmm, filla dey paa. Before I tell you what the filla is, permit me to tell you one of my favourite stories.

Somewhere in the 70’s, there was a popular highlife tune by AB Crentsil called “Atia”. I must say “Atia” is indisputably an all-time hit. The lyrics of the song made fun of our brothers and sisters from the north. AB Crentsil in the song, narrated the story of a young man by name Atia who travelled from Bolga to Kumasi to seek greener pastures, but instead of him sticking to dog meat and pito which are favourites of our friends from the north, drank apketeshie to death.

The people of the north were irked by AB’s song and decided to teach him some lessons. AB was on a nation-wide musical tour, and the people of Bolga waited patiently till it got to their turn; and the organisers had a windfall – the Catering Rest House where the event took place was fully packed. Uncle AB played songs upon songs without playing “Atia” because an informant had hinted him that the people had planned to beat him up if he played that tune.

The show was coming to an end and still “Atia” had not been played. AB handed his microphone over to one of his boys to continue with the show while he took a rest backstage. An angry youth approached him and whispered to him in imperfect twi, “AB, whether you play Atia or not, ye be fii wo.”

Folks, trouble come oo, some people are very angry, and they deserve to be. Chai, why did Opana decide to dress shabbily to the Independence Day celebration? Tsoo, a creased and wrinkled white shirt with bottoms opened? Kai, it was not, not, not; and that is why some baby elephants are furious oo.

In fact, I met some of the irate party activists who told me they are morbidly worried about Opana’s incorrigible behaviour. According to them when they heard that he will attend the 59th Independence celebration, they spent some time fasting and praying so that Opana does not do his thing; and God answered their prayer: he didn’t sleep – he slumbered.

Their main beef, however, has to do with the way Opana carried himself to the function in the presence of some reputable international guests. They told me they have lost confidence in him and that they will show him something small in this year’s presidential election to prove to him that they also have two balls. One of them confided in me that it is too late for Opana to reform, and whether he does or not they will fii him on November 7, 2016. Kikikikiki, I said to myself, aye ka.

Anthony Obeng Afrane

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