Workers not on mechanised payroll to lose salaries if…

Civil servants whose salaries and subventions have not yet been regularized on governments mechanized payroll system may lose the salaries after March 2016

This follows a directive to the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) to complete the migration process by March 2016.

“To this end, Controller and Accountant General’s Department has been directed by the Government to complete the migration process by end of March 2016…The Department therefore wishes to inform these remaining Agencies whose salaries are paid outside the Government of Ghana mechanized payroll system at CAGD that their subventions would cease in March 2016 if they fail to submit details of payroll information for migration onto the payroll. The policy decision is to effectively manage and exercise budgetary control over payroll cost,” a statement from the CAGD warned.

The CAGD began the process to migrate all government workers onto the mechanized payroll system in 2014 in a bid to rid the system of ghost names who continue to draw salaries from the system.

Due to this, the CAGD cautioned that workers without account numbers should furnish its outfit with it or lose their salaries.

Meanwhile the statement from the CAGD said as at December 2015, about 120 organisations had been migrated onto the mechanized system.

It further said about “20 of the subvented agencies (excluding the Military) are yet to be migrated.”

The statement said information on the affected Agencies is available on the CAGD website at

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