Work on Kumasi Military Hospital 90% complete and 44 buildings at Sewua ready

Contractors working on the 500-bed Military Hospital at Afari in the Ashanti Region have completed 90 per cent of the structural works.

Already, the state-of-the-arts equipment and machinery for the centre of excellence have arrived in the country and deposited at warehouses in Tema waiting for the 10 per cent works to be done for their installation.
The Resident Engineer of the contracting firm, Euroget De-Invest, Mr Islam Sharawy, who was accompanied by the Construction Manager, Mr Mohamed Salama, conducted journalists round the health facility which has about 50 structures and a helipad.

He said although the rains had hindered work a bit, they were on course in delivering the project by the end of the second quarter of 2017, the expected delivery time.

Mr Sharawy explained that most of the structures were complete with others being fitted with ceiling and other electrical wiring as well as painting.

He noted that the hospital would have a dedicated fire fighting area, however, every single room was being fitted with fire detecting sensors while their ceilings were made of fire proof materials.

Mr Salama added that the hospital was situated on a 260,000 square metres of land.

He gave an assurance that the project was being undertaken with all safety measures as a guide.

The construction manager said even though they were working more hours to be able to deliver in good time, they would not compromise on quality, as standards were checked at all stages to ensure that they met the required levels.

•Part of the reproductive heath care unit at the Afari Hospital

Over 600 Ghanaians

The Administrative Manager of the Euroget De-Invest, Mr Baba Anaba, said currently, over 600 Ghanaians were working in various capacities at the construction site.

When completed, he said, the hospital would employ many health professionals, as well as others for auxiliary duties, not to mention the indirect jobs it would create.

Mr Anaba mentioned the laundry services, catering, transportation, schools, accommodation, among other services, that would be provided on completion of the project, and added that it was a plus for the community and the nation in general.

He noted that the project was a turnkey one and Euroget was expected to provide all the structures and undertake the fittings, with cutting-edge technology to place the military hospital among the top-class hospitals in the world.

Mr Anaba gave the assurance that when the company handed over the hospital finally to the government, everything would have been fitted to make it ready for public use.

The 500-bed hospital, a multi-million dollar project by the government of Ghana which is situated at Afari, a town between Kumasi and Nkawie, would boost the country’s healthcare system when it becomes operational.

• Engineers at the Afari Hospital looking at works on the ceiling

Sewua 250-bed Hospital

Journalists in Kumasi were also taken round the 250-bed hospital at Sewua in the Bosomtwi District of the Ashanti Region.

All the 44 buildings which are housing the state-of-the-art regional hospital have been completed, plastered and being roofed in readiness for the equipment and other facilities to be fixed.

Already, the equipment for the hospital have arrived in the country and been deposited in warehouses in Tema.

The Resident Engineer, Mr Ahmed Massoud, who led a team of engineers and other officials of the contracting firm, Euroget De-Invest on the inspection, said works on the health facility were over 80 per cent complete.

Explaining the state of work on the project to the journalists, he said they were on course to deliver the project to the people of the region in June next year.

The media men were taken round the twin-administration block, out-patients department, in-patient wards, maternity wards, laboratories, physiotherapy, laboratory, radiology, emergency and casualty, blood bank, kitchen and laundry.

Using the most modern technology, Euroget De-Invest Company is building the $64 million Ashanti Regional Hospital to ease the burden on other hospitals and serve the over 4.7 million inhabitants of the region.

A distinctive feature of the construction is that the project includes accommodation for over 200 health personnel, especially medical doctors and nurses so that they would be close to the facility to ensure easy availability of their expertise.

For his part, the Administrative Manager of Euroget De-Invest, Mr Baba Anaba, said that was a turnkey project, which meant that the firm would construct the structures and fit them with the needed equipment before handing it over.

The company would hand over a complete hospital ready for use to the government and people of Ghana, Mr Anaba stated.

The absence of a regional hospital in the Ashanti Region, which has put undue pressure on most health facilities in the region, especially the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), would be a thing of the past with the completion of the 250-bed hospital.

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