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Politics is evident in all endeavours of life. There is politics in family, mosque, church sports companies etc etc. It is important that we understand the science of politics. Our politics under the current administration is characterised by ethnic chauvinism, social injustice, nepotism, resource perversion and political oppression and suppression because, plunders, opportunists, criminals, selfish souls and primitive political gladiators have taken over the political space and hijacked the political apparatus. Politics is now perceived among the populace as a dirty game which any honourable person should not seek or desire because of what Ghanaians see some politicians do or hear them say on public platforms. I just read what Wontumi said about former President Mahama and his father late E.A Mahama. But the bible says in Proverbs 26:4 that – “Do not answer a fool according to his folly or you yourself will be just like him”. If he is a serious person the issue of proper development should preoccupy his discussions and practical actions every minute. I am not going to react to his lies and distortions. Lack of vision and manners has turned Wontumi to be like the stupid boxer, who leave the target and beat the empty air. Where you have vision, invariably you know what to do, what to say, how to say it and what to pursue, and that is the difference between what John Mahama and other respected politicians did at Wontumi’s level and what he is not doing.

What the young man said about Mr E A Mahama confirms his ignorance and emptiness. He never served as Minister of agriculture under Nkrumah. Wontumi should find out why E.A Mahama was appointed a Presidential adviser during Ghana’s third republic. The respect people have for the Npp is dwindling because of Wontumi and his likes. Discipline is necessary for an orderly society and political life, without it, the social life would become miserable. A regional chairman of a political party like the Npp should be a well discipline personality with good manners and purposeful reasoning to make live better for his people. This should be reflected in his region on all ramifications. Why should Wontumi lead a party like the Npp in the Ashanti region? This is the question millions of Ghanaians including die-hard supporters of the party ask themselves whenever Wontumi exhibits his foolishness.

The next time he decides to lecture on exploits of E.A Mahama he should contact his boss Nana Addo for more historical briefing. E.A Mahama became the image of his creator. He was a responsible politician who gave high regard to morality, law abiding with no tendencies to corrupt even a pesewa. His greatest strength was deriving joy in serving his people and not to steal tax payers money.

He was not a galamsey politician, he never engaged himself in any legal business or activity that destroyed the environment. He was a farmer and was among the top farmers in the country during his time. Wontumi stupidly said he was a Minister of agriculture because of what he heard people say about E A and his exploits in the agric sector.

Wontumi carries his immaturity and backwardness with him into his organization and everything he does and the demands of his sycophants, sponsor cartel around him and pressure of leadership make it nearly impossible for him to establish a consistent and sustainable rhythm of life.

The Ghanaian situation under the current administration has been characterised by altercation, broken ethnic relationships, value erosion, institutionalised corrosive corruption, un-strategic local and international borrowing by the Akufo-Addo government, disrespect to constitutional order, brinkmanship, lack of mutual respect and truth, accusations and lies peddling and it is because characters like Wontumi and others have been granted limitless space to operate on the political landscape. He [Wontumi] lacks awareness of his feelings, weaknesses and limits, how his recklessness impact his present, and how other people experience. He is always ready to exhibit his folly and misbehave if that will serve the interest of his bosses. My worry is, why the Npp will elect an empty headed illiterate to lead the party as Regional Chairman in its strong hold.

A lot of educated members of the public and discerning minds in and outside the party are embarrassed with Wontumi’s low show of morals and ethics and now shying away from reading or listening to his irresponsible and unethical rubbish. He looks at the public as fools who can be easily manipulated and twisted around his fingers with wild tales of exploits, corruption, nepotism, degradation of the environment while justifying and glorifying in his own party’s deeds.

E.A Mahama was not the type who allowed his conscience to be manipulated for material gains. He was always ready to defend his principles and was one of the trusted comrades of Nkrumah and was at the forefront of the liberation struggle in Ghana with Osagyefo. He was a royal and on his death the chief and people of Bile insisted that they would enthrone him before his burial and it was done. E.A Mahama was made a chief and buried a chief. That was the level of respect his people accorded him.

When Acheampong contacted him to serve in his administration because of their longstanding relationship, EA Mahama rejected that offer. Instead, he suggested to Gen Acheapong that he should consider returning the country to constitutional rule. He was against military rule because of the 1966 coup and how it affected the country’s development. Acheapong was pro-Nkrumah and many CPP elements supported his administration because he had removed a U.P administration. But E.A Mahama was very critical of the military administration and vehemently defended his position that coup that removed the Busia administration was needless. He insisted that the Buaia administration should have been allowed to complete its term, have an election and let the people of Ghana determine who should be their leader.

Acheampong’s Operation Feed Yourself programme fitted well with his agricultural business but he did not depart from his democratic principles. He can get more authentic facts about EA Mahama from CK Tadem and other old guards in his party. He should find out from them why at point Nkrumah appointed E,A Mahama, Ohene Djan and Asiam to handle a special Cpp account and why the Nsawan office was established at Djankrom. He was a honest person who never buried his principles for material favours or political favours. He was among the few the PNP targeted after Imoru Egala’s disqualification. Apart politics, he was an accomplished and successful farmer and businessman. Wontumi and his likes still tell wicked lies about Mahama and his administration in order to continue plundering and pillaging the resources of the state. Npp politics has remained dirty and dishonorable because it has Bern left for too long in the hands of those whose credential and potential are against the basic tenets Upton which democracy, which they all claim to embrace, is erected. Wontumi leading Ala Adjetey’s Npp? Selby’s Npp? Pianim’s Npp,

What do you think?

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