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Wontumi Is Hot-Headed, Nana Addo Can’t Be President –Film Producers

We read with surprise and disappointment that Mr. Benard Antwi-Boasiako, also known as chairman Wontumi, has warned celebrities not to campaign for President Mahama.

The caption didn’t seem so surprising as a matter of fact, but the quoted statement that; “those (entertainers) who will go for bribe from the NDC and campaign for President Mahama, I will together with my people see to it that their products are abandoned in Ashanti region.”

Really, Is this the kind of politics the NPP practices? Intolerance, vindictiveness, and sabotage? This doesn’t come as a surprise to us at all. Or should it? As former members of the NPP, such tactics of sabotage, devilish schemes against people of opposing views are not uncommon in the party.

In May 2015, this same chairman Wontumi, together with others with ditto idiosyncrasies, gathered at the Shell filling station, just beside the Bekwai roundabout, opposite the garage, in Kumasi, to scheme out and plan similar sabotage and heinous plot against Mr. Afoko and Mr. Kwabena Agyapong. Their agenda to remove the two gentlemen had a time line of being completed by the end of 2015, and that is exactly what happened.

Every deep rooted NPP member, knows this location very well and the kind of crunch meetings that were held there. That was where all these plots against the two gentlemen were held and subsequently communicate with their henchmen to carry out their plans.

When one got close to them, one could hear them say with self-conceited tones, in twi; “Kwabena de? y?b?tu no s? bankye no. Y? atu no a, Nana ho nt? no da!”. To wit, “we will uproot Kwabena like cassava plant. If we don’t do that Nana will never see peace.”
Others equally added; “y?tu saa Afoko no firi h? a, nna Kwabena adi so. Nte saa a, w?n b?gu party no.” Translated as; ” when we are done with Afoko, Kwabena should follow, before they collapse the party”.

All these plans were promulgated by the same clique Nana has surrounded himself with. He listens to them more than any other. They are his supposed confidantes and important friends. Anyone who has gotten close to Nana Addo will confess the man in his elements can be a dictator with short memory. Nana forgets so easily.

This league of puppeteers have been able to reduce their indecisive flag-bearer from a hard working and welcoming gentleman, to a divisive, intolerant schist with short memory. A leader who has become a puppet in the hands of few hot-headed, pompous and arrogant puppeteers, can obviously not become the President of this God given country of ours.

Nana Addo cannot and must not be a president of this country. He’s just not fit for the job as it is now.

The reason some of us have lost confidence in the party, under his leadership. NPP under president Kuffour was democractic than this Nana People’s Party. There is no light at the end of this tunnel of dictatorship, sabotage and tribalism. Nana People’s Party is one that you dare not open your mouth when you feel something is not right.

Mr. Benard Antwi-Boasiako should tell Ghanaians if he’s really from the Ashanti region. Ashanti region does not and cannot belong to him; WONTUMI DOES NOT OWN ASHANTI REGION.

His statement gives credence to the reason why Nana Addo has visited the region several times but has deliberately decided not to pay homage to His royal Majesty Otumfuo OSEI Tutu. Why would he when such arrogant and pompous puppeteer is at work? Yet any other place Nana Addo goes he pays homage to their chiefs and Kings. What is there between Nana Addo and the Manhyia palace that is making him disrespect our great King?

Ashanti FAITHFULS for MAHAMA, would like to tell Wontumi that he is a nobody but a citizen domiciled in the Ashanti region. Obviously he’s too arrogant and pompous to know that Ashanti region belongs to our great king Otumfuo OSEI Tutu. The region is gradually rejecting NPP because as it is now President Mahama has shown he has the region at heart than the NPP who did very little for the Ashanti region, even though they taunt it as their strong hold. People are waking up Wontumi. Come down from your high horse and see things for yourself.

Such immaturity in politics should be discouraged and not tolerated in our body politics. Anybody and every citizen has the right to decide which party he wants to support or campaign for, and such should not be met with threats and warnings. It’s very infantile. Who tells him those who campaigned for the NPP, all had their careers soaring afterwards. He should get close to them and ask them for their stories of how they are being rejected.

Ghana belongs to all of us.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Michael Kwaku Ola
Director of communications


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