Women for Mahama takes on Rebecca Akufo-Addo over divisive comments

Women for Mahama have come out strongly to condemn the wife of the npp flag bearer, Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo on what they term divisive utterances.

This comes on the back of a visit to the Osu night market where Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo told traders that the first lady, Mrs. Lordina Mahama only care about people from the Brong Ahafo region.

It will be recalled that prior to the 2012 elections, Nana Addo also made the infamous all die be die statement.

The Women for Mahama group in a statement signed by,Theresa Awuni National Coordinator and copied to said the good works of the first Lady speaks for itself and she does not discriminate.

Below is the full statement

Having followed her utterances to women for sometime now, we write to condemn Madam Rebecca Akufo-Addo for making speeches that seek to divide our country.

At a recent event in the Osu Night Market Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo made a false claim that the First Lady, Her Excellency Mrs Lordina Mahama has only been developing places where she comes from and that the latter has been sharing goodies to only the people of the Brong Ahafo Region.

There are several bad consequences for Ghana if this falsehood is not stopped. Firstly the women who listened to her say they were unhappy because they knew and have seen evidence that the First Lady has been charitable to Ghanaians living in all parts of the country. The women of the Osu Night market, angered by this cheap politicking, have started complaining against this attempt to pitch them against the people of the Brong Ahafo Region. To them, they do not want to be used to further Rebecca Akufo-Addo’s intention of hate against other Ghanaians. They are put off by this politics of no principle.

We therefore want to make it clear to Mrs Akufo-Addo that the philanthropic work of the First Lady has been of benefit to Ghanaians in all the 275 constituencies. She has not helped more people in the Brong Ahafo Region than the others. It is shameful that Mrs Akufo-Addo would look at the women of Osu and Ghanaians for that matter and lie to them.

It must also be clear that the philanthropy of Her Excellency Mrs Lordina Mahama has been going on well before she became the First Lady of Ghana. It is unfounded therefore for Mrs Akufo-Addo to claim that one needs to become the first lady before one can do good. If she wants to do good to Ghanaian women, Mrs Akufo-Addo must prove it while in opposition. Her failure to do so now only means she is incapable of it. Ghanaians are aware of this fact.

Going forward, we wish to sternly warn Mrs Akufo Addo to desist from parading falsehood as a tool to deceive Ghanaians. If she wants her husband to win power she must endear herself to the people of Ghana like Mrs Lordina Mahama who reaches out to all Ghanaians through handwork. She does not believe in wealth without work. She also does not believe in politics without principle. Ghanaian women are in tune with that. And that is the reason for which they love their First Lady. As long as she provides safety for the distressed, shelter for the homeless and food for the hungry, we the Women for Mahama will defend the First Lady so as to encourage more of her goodness.

We thank God for Mrs Lordina Mahama.

We thank God for principled Ghanaian women.

We pray for Rebecca Akufo-Addo to repent from the politics of no principle; evil and divisive lies.

God bless our homeland Ghana.


Theresa Awuni.

National Coordinator,
Women for Mahama.

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I have two signatures – Kofi Akpaloo