Woman, 34, dismissed from work because of kidney disease

A graduate in English and Theatre Arts from the University of Ghana, Legon, Betty Holdbrook was definitely looking up to the brighter side of life just like every other graduate would be.

Unfortunately, her destiny took an unexpected twist, which seems to have changed her life forever.

An intelligent and vibrant young lady, Betty had gained admission to the University of Ghana after graduating from Achimota School in 1999. The last born of three children, she lost her father when she was only 18 months old and, therefore, catered for by a single parent, her mother, who is a teacher by profession.

Betty joined Midas Insurance Brokers Limited in 2009 after completing Legon but as life turned out to be, she was diagnosed with a kidney disease.

The once vibrant and energetic young lady had to, therefore, undergo a kidney transplant in order for her to live.

“I started losing a lot of weight and also started swelling up,” she opened up to TV3.

“So, I went to a clinic but was referred to Korle Bu [Teaching Hospital] where I was told I had been diagnosed with end stage kidney disease.

“By the time I got to Korle Bu, I was already in the end stage which is Stage 5. So, I was put on dialysis immediately considering how serious my situation was.”

She said she has had to be put on dialysis for the past six years.

“I spend GH¢2,070 in a month just on dialysis but if I am to add medications and other clinicals to it, then it’s about GH¢3,000.”

Betty revealed how her family, old mates from her alma maters as well as church mates have been supportive.

“My condition at the moment is only being managed with the dialysis so that I can live,” she said with a saddened tone, “but life has never been normal for me since I was diagnosed. I can’t do the things I used to do anymore; I lost my job, no social life and horrible scars on my left arm so my life has just totally changed.”

She recounted how her employer terminated her appointment six months after she was diagnosed with the renal disease.

“My employers terminated my appointment in February 2011 just six months after I was diagnosed with the condition and their reason was on the grounds of ill-health and only gave me GH¢2,500 and you can imagine how I felt at that very moment when I had nobody to turn to.”

On a day the world celebrates World Kidney Day, help is sought for the likes of Betty Holdbrook.

“I would like to appeal for support from anybody who feels the need to do which will go a long way to help me.”

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