Withdraw services for Banks not using fortified bullion vans – Security expert to Police

23rd June 2023

The Executive Director of the African Centre for Security and Counter Terrorism, Emmanuel Kotin, has strongly criticized the government for its failure to prioritize the protection of lives through the acquisition of necessary bullion vans for banking institutions.

This criticism comes in the wake of a tragic incident at the Ablekuma Fan Milk Star oil fuel station, where an armed robbery resulted in the loss of a police officer’s life.

According to the African Centre for Security and Counter Terrorism, the absence of approved bullion vans in the banking sector may have contributed to the vulnerability that led to the officer’s untimely death.

In an interview with Citi News, Mr Kotin, expressed concern over this gap in security measures and urged the Ghana Police Service to take immediate action.

Kotin emphasized the importance of holding banking institutions accountable for their choice of transportation when it comes to the movement of money.

He called on the Ghana Police Service to consider withdrawing their services from banks that continue to use unapproved bullion vans, highlighting the need to prioritize the safety and well-being of law enforcement officers involved in these operations.

“I don’t think anybody in his rightful thinking will have the idea of attacking them that is why I am calling on police personnel to desist sitting in such bullion vans. I know that the operators of such bullion vans are able to get around the rules and the Bank of Ghana because of political connections and political expediency.

“How long are we going to use political connections to bypass good policies and laws we create? what society are we creating? It is about time we do the right thing,” he stated.

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