I Will Resign If Solomon Kotei Is Appointed CEO – COCOBOD Workers’ Union Chairman

Alhaji Hassan Iddris, the Chairman of the Supreme Consultantive Council of COCOBOD has vowed to leave his post if Solomon Kotie is appointed the Chief Executive Officer of COCOBOD.

“…take it from me and take it from my five daily prayers. If Solomon Kotie, the President of Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (ICU) is appoint CEO, I will resign”.

“He has been reported in the papers as ready to accept such an appointment but I leave if he is appointed” he said.

Alhaji Iddris made this known during a Press Confrence at the COCOBOD Headquarters to respond to the claims that workers of the State owned enterprise jubilated upon hearing of Dr. Opuni Frimpong’s dismissal as CEO.

It is also reported that the workers called for investigations into the dealings of the former CEO during his tenure but the Chairman of the Supreme Consultantive Council has debanked that assertion.

To him, those claims are false and must be treated with all the contempt it deserves.

However, in reaction to a question as to whether he would work with Solomon Kotie if appointed as CEO, knowing the seeming endless disagreement between the two, he stated emphatically: “I will resign”.

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