Who Will Rescue Dombo/Busias from Akufo-Addo?

New Patriotic Party have problems at the moment, and the biggest of the problems as a people and a political party is not that the administration of flagbearer Akufo-Addo is leaving a section of members in no doubt about his agenda against them.

The biggest of NPP’s problem is that those upon whom nature and chances have entrusted the duty to speak, fight and defend the NPP at this moment in history have all abdicated on that responsibility.

Most of those who are elected, appointed or holding some other positions; political, social, religious and economic within the party seem to have renounced on their responsibility of providing leadership for the party people, either out of fear or ignorance of what these responsibilities should be. If it be fear, I do not know what it is for, because these are men and women of some dauntless repute.

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The reality of their misfortune as a party became clearer to onlookers when the rest of the people had to rely on Prof. Mike Ocquaye, Rev. Asante Antwi, Ama Busia, Ayikoi Otoo eta’l to speak out on behalf of the party on the series of injustices being meted out to gallant soldiers of their tradition, while elected officials and others privilege members hide in their cocoons, afraid of their own shadows.

Frank Agyekum, Andrew Awuni, Daavi Ama and Kweme Pianim are a few men and a woman who have publicly shown their real quality of manliness.

These people has defeated fear and are not withheld by anything in voicing their opinions and taking their chances in whatever they are convinced about. No one individual indeed is too strong that he won’t get his match sometime, someday.

I grew up believing that the NPP is a group of most courageous people on the surface of this earth. Having read lots of books on the Ghanaian political struggle, read up on the courageous feats of many NPP men and women who stood up against any form of persecution or intimidation from government and external forces, I am surprised at how much they have lost over the last few years and sometimes I doubt if they are still that party that I read and heard about.

There are times when the only option open to a people is self-defense. The present NPP leadership has not hidden its disdain for anything Dombo/Busia, while I will not subscribe to a declaration of war or investment in violence, it will be foolhardy for any lover of democracy to keep quiet and watch NPP completely relegated from the scheme of things and if care is not taken, frustrated into political and even economic extinction.
The present Akufo-Addo led party does not pretend about its intentions about persons they consider impediments in their attempt to milk the party.

The flagbearer himself had made it clear even without being asked that those who gave him contest during the elections will be treated like second class citizens.

If it is just by denying a section of them (NPP) of certain political appointments, many of them will not complain, because the average Dombo-Busia descendants is hard-working enough to survive without political patronage.

But when the punishment for political choice as a people goes beyond political to threatening their fundamental right to exist among others, then those who can must rise up in defense or await bitter sanctions from posterity.

For me, they are not just being marginalized but are being endangered. Members of the Invisible Force terrorist group, who have brutalized innocent party members, destroyed public assets worth thousands of cedis, embarrassed Ghana before the international community are being pampered by this administration and several of them are being rehabilitated with party funds.

While our brothers and sisters who do not bear the smallest arms are being waylaid by members of the invincible armed forces and beat like chickens or some commoner animals for daring to ask that they be set free from the bondage of inequity and injustice.
Constituencies led by seemingly descendants of Dombo/Busia and neighbors are being invaded by terrorist thugs, while our innocent brothers and sisters are being mauled down with bullets, sticks and arrows of these devilish thugs and party leaders does not as much utter words of condemnation, while members of the indigenous leaders are being blackmailed by the same party executive as if they are terrorists or some criminal group, while they are no more than activist asking for equity. It is more worrisome that party leaders are not talking.

We have over 120 elected parliamentary office holders from across the country, over 275 constituency officers, 16 executives per each region. These individuals should know that they owe the people who elected them a duty to protect them.

I do not believe that the silence of these political leaders is as a result of cowardice but rather selfishness. There is nothing to be cowardly about, but there is everything to be selfish about.

For instance, many of the parliamentary candidates who were selected under the platform of the party chose the same moment in which some of their colleagues were hounded out of office via crude means by officers of the party for holding a peaceful procession and church service to mark their crude induce victory.

Candidate Kuffour showed strength, grit and wisdom in dealing with the many troubles that came his way. From 2000 to 2008, JAK pursued political programs and agenda that were targeted at liberating the NPP from any form of political slavery.

The present political office holders of NPP must rise to the occasion and save the party from imminent extinction.

They must find ways to reach out to the man in charge of Nima Flagstaff House to ensure that they get the best deal for our people and most importantly stop the reckless repellant and massacre of our brothers and sisters all in the name of ‘Nana b3ba’.
An elder does not stay at home, while the she-goat delivers its kid, tethered. There is no other way to say it; the party is in serious trouble and those who have the capacity must begin to act before we are all consumed by the vendetta of a man, who has classified all of us as being the cost of his 49 : 47 percentages of electoral success, who must be dealt with.

What do you think?

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