I remember the heat that erupted on my Facebook wall hours after President Mills’s arrival at the Kotoka International Airport after a short visit to the US for medical examination.Some friends did not understand why I candidly suggested that Prof must be allowed to rest for his Vice to take over.

I took that position based on what I saw at the airport.I knew the good old Prof from his days at Aburi where the wife was a tutor so was very much abreast with his capabilities.The man was determined to make a case for this land but one could see health challenges obstruct his efforts.The suggestion by Rawlings at the time was a good one but the way my boss and spiritual mentor presented it,was what surged up emotions.It is good we help protect and keep personalities who could contribute to our political process off the mainstream than exert unnecessary pressure on them which could affect their total being.

The publication may be a stage-play strategy for sympathy votes or may be a well investigated case to help the man and his party and to a larger extent,the nation but whatever it is,the symptoms are clearly written on our walls the Nana we know is not what we seeing today.This is not strange,it is all about nature dictating the pace and must be allowed to smoothly sail on without unnecessary artificial obstructions.

Countries have learnt lessons from this aging and heath complications issue.Nigeria suffered it,Zambia,America under Roosevelt and many other cases.In the United Kingdom,Attlee developed eczema and attributed the resignation of Bevan and Wilson to his absence in hospital,Mr Churchill stayed on after many of his cabinet thought his powers had declined to a level which merited resignation,Sir Anthony Eden seemed to acquire a nervous tension which interfered with his judgement even before he was incapacitated by a bile duct obstruction,while Machmillan decided to give up the leadership because of his prostrate operation.In 1944,Roosevelt against serious protestations and pressure from Thomas Dewey went for the kill in the election for his fourth term,rumours of his deteriorating health condition was all over,his cerebral hemorrhage case was out in the media but his party and aids cleverly handled the case.Roosevelt could not battle nature he his sickness worsened and said bye to the world.Most countries have learnt a great lesson from the events narrated and most of these countries base their shift from electing oldies on weak decision taken by such leaders.In America certain bogus decisions taken by Bush for instance,are attributed to nervous tension.

It may be well orchestrated strategy to invite sympathy votes but then,why is Bawumia and his cohorts preaching in the zongos that Bawumia is likely to take over the Presidency in the middle of Akufo-Addo’s administration.Prediction of his demise is already out there in the Zongos courtesy well rehearsed message being preached by the Bawumia team.Why the covered up tensing between Bawumia and cousins of Akufo-Addo and why the feud over where campaign donations must go.Something is definitely wrong somewhere and the more the party covers it,the more cancerous it becomes.


If the medical report published by the African Watch Magazine and first trumpeted by the Daily Guide is meant to invite sympathy votes,then I think Nana should sack people who strategize for his campaign.Ghanaians sympathised with Professor Mills not only because he was sick and his opponents ridiculed him using his health status,but the demeanor of the man Mills.The way and manner he carried himself throughout this period of onslaught contributed to the support he got across the divide.It was the first case in our contemporary times so handling it was a bit complex.The case of Prof is now a precedent guiding us,we saw how the whole nation went dead when is passed on,the subtle tension and I don’t think Ghanaians,especially the apolitical block would wish for a repetition.

What we must all soberly consider moving forward,is the enormous task our leaders face due to technological advancement and growing demands of a growing population.We are now over 26 million with our crave for middle income lifestyle is insatiable,our desires and wants change every other second this trend demands energy and strength.I don’t think giving up for the youth to dictate the pace while the oldies offer the needed advice should be a difficult decision to take.

What do you think?

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